Youth strength of VIAGS Tan Son Nhat

13:30 | 28/10/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Not only contributes to the making of the Vietnam Airlines flights with four-star standard, but VIAGS Tan Son Nhat, a Branch of Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company Limited, is also evaluated and voted by international airlines as one of the few ground service providers that provides the best quality of services in the area. This result of VIAGS Tan Son Nhat has shown its youth strength after nearly two years of restructuring.

youth strength of viags tan son nhat

The joint construction

Arriving at Tan Son Nhat Airport one day before National Day, September 2, there was a long queue of passengers waiting for check-in procedures, but the staff of VIAGS Tan Son Nhat still kept bright smiles while giving guidance dedicatedly and help passengers to complete the procedure quickly, then I understand why after only two years of restructuring, VIAGS Tan Son Nhat has become a provider of services that many international airlines prefer and highly appreciate.

youth strength of viags tan son nhat

Bui Duc Thanh, Director of VIAGS Tan Son Nhat, shared with reporters of Vietnam Economic News, “With nearly 2,000 staff members who are mainly young workers, we specialize in providing passenger and baggage services, weight balance and loading supervision, ramp service, aircraft interior cleaning services, lost and found service, and VIP services. Apart from providing ground services for Vietnam Airlines, VIAGS Tan Son Nhat also serves 40 airlines in the world flying to Tan Son Nhat with nearly 350 flights that departure and arrive each day, including many four or five-star airlines. Especially during the peak occasions such as holidays, Tet holidays, the number of passengers flying spikes, even up to 22,000 passengers per day traveling on domestic flights of Vietnam Airlines as during Lunar New Year 2017”.

youth strength of viags tan son nhat

“Not only be pressured by crowded passengers, dense frequency of flights with the processes, strict regulations of the aviation industry in order to ensure security, absolute safety, but our employees also have to comply with service attitude, behavior culture, working style that we always particularly pay attention to,” Bui Duc Thanh said.

youth strength of viags tan son nhat

One commitment - Millions of flights

With commitment to provide customers with the best quality services, ensuring the criteria “Safety - Quality - Effectiveness”, in the past two years VIAGS Tan Son Nhat has been highly appreciated by international airlines. Accordingly, in 2016, Korean Air has twice voted VIAGS Tan Son Nhat as the best quality ground service company. With that achievement, Korean Air decided to choose VIAGS Tan Son Nhat as the leading ground service company with best service quality in Southeast Asia throughout 2016. In particular, a staff member of VIAGS Tan Son Nhat, Tran Van Sang, was honored to be one of the top three employees in the world in providing services, voted by Korean Air. In December 2016, VIAGS Tan Son Nhat was rated by EVA Air (Chinese Taipei) as having the third best passenger services on its entire flight network to 60 airports in the world.

In early 2017, VIAGS Tan Son Nhat was ranked second in the ranking by EVA Air. The five-star Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong, China) also rated the passenger service quality of VIAGS Tan Son Nhat as the eighth among 97 destinations on its entire flight network. Especially, after 25 years of operation at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, in August 2017, Korean Air, for the first time, evaluated the absolute 50/50 for the quality of services that Tan Son Nhat VIAGS is providing to the it in cargo handling, top in the world airports that Korean Air operates cargo flights to. Not only received the awards, appreciation for the service quality from partners, but the staff of VIAGS Tan Son Nhat also received many compliments from domestic and international customers, organizations in terms of attitude, culture of behavior, sense of responsibility in work, more proud is the professional ethics and honesty of the staff. Which must include the compliment letter from the Embassy of Australia in early last September to the staff of VIAGS Tan Son Nhat for having professional work, enthusiasm, dedication while serving the flight of the Australian Ministerial delegation on 26 August 2017 after attending the third APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM3) in Ho Chi Minh City.

A quote form the letter: “The group has worked very professionally, politely and efficiently, promptly completed the procedures for the flight of the Delegation of Ministers. We are very pleased with the support and customer service of the Passenger Service Team for Singapore Airlines. Once again, we would like to thank all of you and believe that you will continue to do well to support our next high-level visits in the future!”

China Southern Airlines Cargo (CZ) sent a thank you letter to VIAGS Tan Son Nhat as follows: “CZ Cargo at Tan Son Nhat International Airport is ranked as one of the top three cargo transportation points on our global flight network in the first six months of 2017, the only station in 60 abroad stations exceeded the target set by the company. Achieving this result, we highly appreciate the service and support of all VIAGS Tan Son Nhat staff, especially the Loading Supervision Team, Weight Balance, Ramp Service 2 and Control Center. On behalf of CZ, we would like to thank you and look forward to receiving further support and perfect ground services from VIAGS in the future.”

This result also shows that VIAGS Tan Son Nhat not only provides services according to quality commitment, but also exceeds the expectations of customers. This has contributed to maintaining the quality of four-star services of Vietnam Airlines, the customer airlines as well as contributing significantly to the development of Vietnam aviation industry and towards the common goal of VIAGS to become one of the top ground service providers in terms of quality in Asia by 2020.

Thu Huong