Young Vietnamese need practical objectives

17:39 | 29/08/2015 Society

(VEN) - Despite ample opportunities for self-improvement and professional development young people seem to struggling to find coherent career plans.

Young Vietnamese need practical objectives

Practical objectives, good health and foreign language proficiency are important factors for young Vietnamese to enter the world

What is the Vietnamese youth’s competence and how to uplift it is a major topic that has attracted attention of businesses and people.

According to Pham Dinh Nguyen, the Mayor of PhinDeli Town Buford in the US and Chairman of the Board of Management of PhinDeli, opportunities and challenges for everyone who enters the world are just the same. However, young people, if failing to prepare well for themselves, would miss opportunities instead of grasping them immediately. Particularly, missing opportunities is one of major reasons for young Vietnamese lagging behind.

Nguyen Ngoc Van Khanh, who was born in 1991 and is the Head of the Community Management Division of Uber Vietnam, said that young Vietnamese should understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to identify their competitive advantages while taking an opportunity or starting doing something. She also shared her experience in finding a job and related opportunities. As a third-year student, she started looking for a job, studying businesses and actively applying for a post in the business that she was interested in. According to Khanh, before applying for a job, a student should identify his or her strengths and consider whether they are suitable for the job or not and then improve them to make them more prominent than other applicants’ abilities. This will help him or her win employers’ attention and choice.

Duong Thu Huong, the Directress of the External Relations Department of IDG Ventures and a member of the Board of Directors of Forbes Vietnam, said that young Vietnamese sometimes seemed very self-confident but occasionally lost their confidence. That means that they should adjust their emotions and behaviors to the circumstances. Lacking confidence often occurs to those who are ignorant of something. So, young Vietnamese should know and improve their weaknesses, set specific objectives for each period of time and make them happen. In addition, they should seek good fellowships on the way to realize their objectives and should never                   give up.

According to Tran Thi Huong Thu, the Head of the Personnel Department of Home Credit, one of the biggest obstacles to young Vietnamese lies in their poor foreign language skills. So, foreign language proficiency is a decisive factor for young Vietnamese to become global citizens.

According to Robert Tran, CEO of the Robenny Corporation for the US, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific region, young Vietnamese are less attentive to physical strength improvement. A knowledgeably strong but physically weak person would hardly bring something into full play.

“Opportunities in Vietnam and other countries are all the same, so, young Vietnamese should well prepare for taking upcoming opportunities,” Robert Tran said.

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