'Young Learners' course charts path to global citizenship

06:00 | 05/12/2021 Society

The Young Learners program has been developed within the parameters of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the British Council and Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training.

Under the MoU, the two sides will continue to coordinate and carry out more activities in higher education, student exchange, scientific cooperation, research and the English language with the goal of preparing Vietnamese students for their journey to become global citizens.

young learners course charts path to global citizenship
Teachers at the British Council have many years of experience teaching English to children from all over the world

The Young Learners program is one of the fundamental steps for students to take confident steps towards the goal. It is designed with a wide range of topics and a high degree of interactivity. Classes led by experienced teachers help students become more interested and motivated in learning English.

The curriculum has a variety of activities designed to give students more time to exchange ideas and opinions with their classmates instead of just learning through books. At the same time, teachers closely monitor and support each student in order to help them develop their language skills to the maximum. It also encourages the expression of personal opinions.

Trish Thomson, Marketing Director of the British Council East Asia, said: “Our team of more than 50 experts design specialized courses tailored to the needs of each country, helping us to consistently come up with the best new initiative to inspire students in learning English. This is done while ensuring global pedagogical standards.”

Thomson said British Council teachers were dedicated professionals with many years of experience in teaching English to children. They go through a rigorous selection process and are trained to develop and improve their skills constantly, leading to higher qualifications, he added.

In addition to classroom learning, the course has exercises and online activities with materials that will help students prepare themselves for the next class. Interactive online activities such as quizzes and games based on content learned in class create excitement and help students absorb lessons better. The children also practice skills like listening, reading and improving vocabulary through online exercises that aim to encourage the spirit of self-study.

The British Council's Young Learners courses are designed at various levels for students from 5 to 17 years old. The council’s centers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi offer: Learning Time with Timmy; Primary Plus; Secondary Plus; and Secondary Plus IELTS & Academic.

Thomson said: “With a future-oriented curriculum and the guidance of qualified teachers, we believe that our students will be equipped with the essential skills for their journey to global citizenship.”

Huong Ngoc