YesHue spices up sales through e-commerce

09:00 | 25/04/2021 Companies

(VEN) - Stemming from a desire to introduce the culinary culture of Thua Thien Hue Province, Le Thi Kim Hang decided to start up a business for spice products to cook Hue noodle soup, a popular Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup made with rice vermicelli and beef. Four years later, the products of Hang’s YesHue Company are distributed domestically and abroad in the Australian, Canadian and American markets.

yeshue spices up sales through e commerce

Product consumption

Hang’s search for markets for the spice products to cook Hue noodles was frustrating. Starting from traditional markets in the provinces and cities across the country, Hang cooked beef noodle soup and invited customers to sample the dish. YesHue collected feedback at these tastings and used them to improve the product.

However, YesHue also suffered financial losses initially and did not have enough financial resources to develop a professional market. Some distributors reduced prices in order to push the products quickly.

Nowadays, the export picture is relatively favorable. The products are distributed widely at home and abroad and exported through official channels to markets in the UK, Australia and Canada. YesHue's spice products have also drawn positives response from the Vietnamese communities in Thailand and Laos, where they were introduced at trade fairs.

YesHue CEO Le Thi Kim Hang says the spice for cooking Hue beef is locally grown and processed. Ingredients include purple lemongrass and chili from the highlands of A Luoi where the climate is suitable for this kind of tree. Shrimp is also a necessary ingredient for cooking beef noodles, and YesHue has linked up with traditional shrimp villages in the coastal area of Thua Thien Hue, ensuring the supply of input materials.

In addition to her business, Hang also spends her time training farmers on how to grow lemongrass and chili in order to provide quality input materials according to safe and organic standards.

yeshue spices up sales through e commerce
YesHue products are available on e-commerce platforms

Promoting brand names through e-commerce platforms

According to Pham Thi Thu Hang, Director of the Small and Medium Business Support Center under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), SMEs should participate in e-commerce development in order to gather information, reduce costs, increase quality of customer service, improve competitiveness and boost sales.

YesHue has researched and launched new products such as noodle soup, noodle spice, fish sauce, oil chili and vegetarian products.

All products comply with a strict manufacturing process, ensuring food hygiene and safety, meeting ISO 22000:2005 standards. YesHue has also passed the strict FDA requirements in the US, and satisfied discerning markets such as Japan, Australia and Europe.

In 2020, through Anna Gourmet LLC distributor, YesHue's products were branded in the US market. Most YesHue sales to Australia and Canada were exported via e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce distribution channels have gradually changed Vietnamese shopping habits, availing themselves of the convenience and time-saving and of the information provided on products and brands. By receiving media support and benefiting from financial policies to invest in e-commerce business expansion, YesHue has stalls on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Sendo and Shopee.

YesHue plans to develop brands of Hue cuisine specialty as a cultural outreach to the world, and in order to meet demand, YesHue is preparing to build a new factory covering 3,000sq.m in Phu Bai Industrial Park of Thua Thien Hue Province.

yeshue spices up sales through e commerce
In order to gradually develop the market and build brands of innovative startup products, the Newspaper of Industry and Trade contributes to the support of innovative startups on large e-commerce platforms such as Tiki, Lazada, Shopee and Alibaba.

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