Yen The chickens: Quality breeds success

13:09 | 29/01/2017 Society

(VEN) - A breed of high quality chickens, farmed according to biosecurity methods since 2011, is the first animal breed in Vietnam to be granted copyright protection by the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) under the Ministry of Science and Technology. The chickens, naturally grown in the Yen The District of Bac Giang Province, are in great demand and sold in large volumes throughout the country and in export markets.  

yen the chickens quality breeds success

According to the Yen The District People’s Committee, hybrid game-cock, bantam chickens and Mia chickens are the varieties preferred by consumers due to their high quality meat. They are farmed in forests and orchards according to the standards of biosecurity procedures intended to protect humans or animals against disease.

Almost four million chickens are being naturally farmed by thousands of households in Yen The, with an estimated revenue of more than VND1 trillion.

Many free-range chicken breed hybridization and improvement projects are underway in Yen The to improve product quality, maintain the prestige of the Yen The brand and expand markets. One of them is the 2013-2015 VietGap (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices) promotion project for Yen The chickens, funded by the district People’s Committee, which is underway in Tam Tien, Dong Tam and Dong Ky communes. Since the project was launched more than two years ago, the quality of chicken raised in Yen The has gradually improved. Hybrid bantam chickens account for 35-40 percent of the district’s chicken flock, hybrid Mia chickens represent 45 percent, and hybrid game-cock chicken account for 5-10 percent.

Commercial chickens farmed according to biosecurity methods fetch a price VND5-7,000/kg higher than that of chickens raised according to conventional methods. The project has been contributing to maintaining and increasing the prestige of the Yen The naturally-raised chickens.

The Bac Giang Province People’s Committee recently signed with the Department of Livestock Production and the National Institute of Animal Sciences under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development a project entitled “Commodity-oriented, sustainable development of Yen The naturally-raised chickens in 2016-2020”. Under the project, technical agencies and local authorities provide guidelines on how to increase the proportion of high quality breeds, as well as offering hybrid bantam chicken incubation and hatch technology transfer for the Yen The naturally-raised chicken breed production cooperative.

From now until 2018, the provincial Department of Science and Technology will work with the Department of Livestock Production and the National Institute of Animal Sciences to continue research and hybridization to improve Yen The chicken breeds.

Around 3.2 million Yen The naturally-raised chickens are expected to be sold during the 2017 Lunar New Year (Tet) season. Commercial hybrid Mia chickens are sold for VND55,000/kg, while hybrid bantam chickens are sold for VND65-70,000/kg. For every 1,000 chickens sold, farmers earn a profit of more than VND15 million, VND5-7 million more than two months ago.

yen the chickens quality breeds success

Challenges ahead

Yen The free-range chickens are gaining a reputation in and out of Vietnam. However, while livestock breeding restructuring and international integration are underway, chicken farmers in Yen The will likely face many difficulties and challenges. Laws and policies related to farm produce sales and livestock production material supply remain problematic and need to be improved to satisfy market-oriented agricultural production development and international economic integration demands.

Farmers’ advanced science and technology approach and application capability remains poor. Farmer households still lack capital for production development. A large amount of cheap chicken products continue to be imported from the US, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Thailand and other markets, and chickens continue to be illegally imported.

Yen The District People’s Committee Chairman Luu Xuan Vuong said the district is directing technical agencies to conduct campaigns encouraging farmers to apply safe breeding processes, including promotion of VietGap-based chicken development in Dong Tam, Tam Tien and Tien Thang communes. All of the efforts are aimed at gradually improving product quality and expanding the scale of chicken production in the province.

Yen The District opened training courses in VietGAP-based production processes for more than 200 households to help them take the initiative in developing a complete production process including production of breeds, nurseries and sales. In the future, Yen The will have its chicken products registered for copyright protection in China and some ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries.

Bac Giang Province leaders praise the biosecurity model of free-range chicken farming in Yen The and have suggested it be replicated in order to establish sustainable supply chains of Yen The naturally-raised chickens. This is important to successfully implement chicken farming restructuring in Yen The District, paving the way for the successful integration of the district’s chicken farming industry.

The Yen The District People’s Committee told technical agencies to provide guidelines for farmers on chicken disease control

and biosecurity farming processes to ensure safe, efficient production and satisfy the Tet market demand.

Thanh Tam & Lan Anh