Yen Bai Province boosts production technologies

09:40 | 04/07/2017 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Yen Bai Province has implemented many projects to support rural industrial facilities in enhancing technological applications serving for production, contributing to increased revenues and profits, and raising local advantages.

The provincial industry promotion and industrial development consultation center deployed seven projects in 2016, including one technical performance model and six projects on strengthening technological applications in production.

Industry promotion programs have also encouraged beneficiaries to strengthen investment in production towards sustainable development. For example, the center has provided support for the Yen Thanh Joint Stock Company to strengthen application of advanced machinery and equipment in pressed plank production. According to the company’s representative, new-generation pressing machines have many improvements in technologies and structure, contributing to increasing productivity from 10cu.m a day to 20cu.m a day and reducing manipulation for workers. The company has significantly saved labor costs, reduced environmental pollution and improved competitiveness in the market.

The center has also supported VND350 million for Pham Dang Khoa to implement a technical performance model on pressed plank production. Thanks to modern technologies, pressed planks have superior quality and met export standards. With expected revenues of around VND12 billion a year, its model is considered more economically efficient.

Yen Bai Province allocated VND1.3 billion from the national industry promotion budget in 2017 to support rural industrial facilities in building technical performance models and strengthening technological applications in production.

With the national industry promotion budget, the center has coordinated with beneficiaries to implement projects. The center has developed solutions such as closely following contents in industry promotion projects, strengthening information in terms of industry promotion policies, coordinating with economic divisions in districts and communes to manage projects when they are put into use, overcoming difficulties in the implementation process, and supporting businesses in product consumption via fairs and exhibitions.

The center has also allocated human resources to implement industry promotion plans, deploy energy-saving solutions and strengthen consultation services. In addition, the center has focused on conducting surveys to build industry promotion plans in a practical manner with high feasibility.

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