World Bank approves US$53 million to improve infrastructure in Vietnamese cities

10:51 | 16/06/2017 Society

The World Bank has approved US$53 million to support urban infrastructure development in Lao Cai and Phu Ly, two emerging middle cities in northern Vietnam.

A street in Phu Ly, one of the two beneficiary cities of the World Bank's project

The additional finance will bolster the efforts of the Medium Cities Development Project (MCDP), which has so far benefitted over 210,000 people - exceeding its initial targets.

Infrastructure services that will be improved include, water treatment and wastewater collection; flooding prevention in low lying areas; and transport services in areas with poor or non-existent roads or access to transport networks.

Ousmane Dione, the World Bank Country Director for Vietnam, said this additional investment means even more communities will benefit from improved urban environments.

According to the World Bank’s assessment, improved infrastructure services from the project can transform communities, as demonstrated by healthier children and families, and more economic opportunities.

Six schools constructed by the project are recognised as the best schools in their respective provinces, whilst investments in public toilets and school sanitation facilities have led to better public health.

Meanwhile, the upgrading of basic infrastructure facilities, such as sewer systems and improved roads, has helped 85,000 people in several wards of Lao Cai and Phu Ly.

Flooding and pollution caused by wastewater have also been addressed, through the improvements of retention lakes, drainage and sewer systems and the construction of wastewater treatment plants.

The additional investment will be used to bridge the financial gap caused by exchange rate fluctuations since the project’s inception.

Theo NDO