Workshop seeks to optimise agri-silviculture

10:23 | 27/06/2018 Society

More than 100 delegates from Southeast Asian countries gathered at a workshop in the central city of Da Nang on June 26 to seek measures for harnessing the potential of agro-forestry for a prosperous and resilient ASEAN.

Participants discussed the role and contributions of the agri-silviculture - Photo: sggp

Participants discussed the role and contributions of the agri-silviculture, or the combination of growing of agricultural crops with simultaneously raised and protected forest crops, in ASEAN member countries’ strategy.

They highlighted a number of issues, including the agri-silviculture in association with restoring and protecting of river basins, and agro-forestry combination in managing disasters and restoring capacity.

Dr. Nguyen Phu Hung, head of the Department of the Science-Technology and International Cooperation under the Vietnam Administration of Forestry, said that the workshop aims to raise awareness of the role of agri-silviculture in ensuring food security and enhancing the recovery capacity amidst climate change, natural disasters and other extreme weather conditions in Southeast Asian countries.

The event also created opportunities for speeding up cooperation among regional countries, organizations and sponsors in boosting agro-forestry development.

Recently, agri-silviculture has proved great benefit in economy, society and environment.

Currently, the application of model with a purpose to ensure food security and climate change adaption in Southeast Asia has been modest due to a lack of adequate policies for agri-silviculture development.

Therefore, the building of guidelines on developing agri-silviculture in the Southeast Asian region is considered a priority and most practical activity in the context of climate change, disasters and extreme climate conditions.