Work begins on second phase of first wind farm in Ninh Thuan province

10:54 | 08/02/2018 Industry

The construction of the 2nd phase of Dam Nai wind farm, a joint project between Vietnam’s TSV company and Singapore’s the Blue Circle group, began on January 20 in the south central province of Ninh Thuan.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the 2nd phase of the Dam Nai wind farm

The farm covers 9.6 hectares on the two communes of Tan Hai and Phuong Hai in the Ninh Hai district, and Bac Phong commune of Thuan Bac district, and costs a total of US$75 million.

The project’s second phase, with the combined capacity of 30MW, will have an investment of US$60 million.

The phase is scheduled for completion in November, being expected to generate 110 million kwh of electricity to the national grid.

The US$15 million first phase of the farm was completed and put into commercial operation in October 2017 with a total capacity of 7.8MW. It has provided more than 11.2 million kwh so far.

Three first turbines of the Dam Nai wind farm in Ninh Thuan - Credit: ninhthuantv

Chairman cum the CEO of TSV joint stock company Do Van Dien said that once the second phase is completed, the Dam Nai project will continue to be expanded to bring the total capital to around 105MW with 40 turbines, generating about 350 milion kwh per year.

He also noted that the wind farm had laid a foundation for Ninh Thuan to become a renewable energy center in the country.

Theo NDO