Why are firms ignoring energy management?

15:20 | 29/06/2015 Industry

(VEN) - Firms in Vietnam are still wasting 30 percent of their energy. Despite the ISO 50001 energy management system being an internationally recognized standard on cutting energy-use through greater efficiency, few businesses seem to have taken advantage of this system.

Why are firms ignoring energy management?

The application of the ISO 50001 energy management system will help businesses use energy more efficiently

Using energy more efficiently

According to KSMC Co., Ltd. Director Dao Thuong Khanh, energy use should be audited just like any other part of sales and profit calculations. Wasted energy can be determined through analysis. Software can measure power use via pressure gauges and collect data. Hourly energy consumption data that is collected automatically allows businesses to know at what time the equipment was most energy so an automatic observation system can recognize immediately warning signals when abnormalities occur. With this software, suitable energy-using solutions can be provided.

The deployment of ISO 50001 standards helps provide a comprehensive and systematic approach and system to improve energy efficiency, helping reduce costs, increase profits and promote social responsibility through the supply chain.

Businesses don’t seem interested

The Vietnam Certification Center (QUACERT)’s System Certification Department Director Tran Thi Ngoc Anh said that 1,717 companies were compelled to build and apply an energy management system following Decision 1535/QD-TTg dated August 28, 2014. However, only a handful of businesses have applied the ISO 50001 energy management system.

She said that few organizations and businesses were aware of the effectiveness of energy management systems. In addition, they were reluctant to adopt new systems and were largely ignorant of new legal requirements. Moreover, consultative organizations lacked experience and certification bodies also experienced a shortfall in qualified experts. In particular, sanctions related to energy efficiency use were still in the pipeline.

ISO 50001 standards are not difficult to implement if there is good will on the part of businesses. To overcome these difficulties, the benefits obtained from an energy management system need to be demonstrated, especially when paying attention to cost savings and minimizing energy consumption. In addition, firms have to select experienced consultants in the field of energy management and audit. Businesses should also integrate an ISO 50001 standard with ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards to achieve higher efficiency.

Nguyen Hanh

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