WB helps Vietnam cope with climate changes

15:27 | 01/09/2014 Science - Technology

(VEN) - World Bank (WB) Vice President Rachel Kyte said “The climate change limits the development and prosperity of many countries in the world. Vietnam recognizes the need to coordinate climate action at the highest level and we look forward to continuing to work together to tackle the climate challenge.”

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung welcomes World Bank Vice President Rachel Kyte on her visit to Vietnam

World Bank is committed to both financial and technical support

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai hosted a high-level meeting between the Permanent National Climate Change Committee and World Bank Delegation headed by Rachel Kyte on August 25.

At the meeting, managers, scientists, experts discussed domestic and international matters in coordinating public and private investment sources, mechanisms and institutional policies at the national level, inter-sectoral and inter-regional response to climate change adaptation and disaster reduction, green growth strategies, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and energy efficient use.

As a World Bank Special Envoy on Climate Change, Ms. Rachel Kyte appreciated the results achieved in the cooperative relations between Vietnam and the World Bank in the field of poverty reduction and response to climate change, promoting green growth towards sustainable development.

She was also impressed on a trip to Ben Tre Province in order to understand the local actual situation of climate change, and made specific recommendations to the involved agencies and organizations to further promote cooperation between the two sides for successful poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation, and enhancement of Vietnam’s role in the international community in response to global climate change.

The World Bank is committed to supporting Vietnam in terms of both finance, technique, knowledge, experience, and coordination of global efforts. Some developed partners are also ready to support Vietnam and expect that Vietnam will prepare a list of feasible projects and promote coordination for effective implementation of climate change responsive measures in the future.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai, Vietnam always strive to  cooperate with the World Bank and other international donors to promote the adaptation to climate change, green growth, and sustainable development.

The World Bank will strive to promote regional dialogue on the use of Mekong River water resources and be ready to become a strategic partner of all countries in the region to join hands to solve related important issues.

Vietnam is eager to join global efforts to mitigate climate change

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung appreciated and thanked the World Bank for accompanying and supporting Vietnam in many fields including poverty reduction, sustainable development, environmental protection, and response to climate change and sea level rise. “Vietnam is facing two major challenges decisive for the sustainable development of the country. Firstly, Vietnam is among the countries most severely affected by climate change and sea level rise, especially for the Mekong Delta. Finally, Vietnam is largely dependent on external water sources, especially the use of water of the Mekong River mainstream. Therefore, I expect that the World Bank will support Vietnam in terms of policy advice, technique and finance to effectively respond to climate change and sea level rise, and help Vietnam as well as regional countries promote sustainable use of Mekong River water resources. Vietnam is committed to working closely with the World Bank and other partners to deal with these challenges effectively, because climate change and sea level rise are matters of global concern.” he said./.

               By Thanh Hoa

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