VVMI synchronizes coal mining with environmental protection

09:00 | 24/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - As a mineral mining and processing corporation, the Viet Bac Mining Industry Holding Corporation (VVMI), a subsidiary of the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin), is particularly aware of its environmental protection responsibility.

Human resources readiness

In 2021, the corporation spent VND56.5 billion on operating a misting system against dust, treating mining and domestic wastewater, planting trees, dredging sumps and renovating the environmental landscape at production sites.

The corporation also built works to prevent and minimize damage from heavy rains and storms, such as dredging streams, ditches and sewers; digging sumps; repairing warehouses, and testing electrical equipment, as well as procuring materials and equipment and maintaining high alert in case of heavy rains and storms.

“The Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Rescue of the corporation and other member units have well prepared for the task, always having a group on duty around the clock until the storms end and are always ready to deal with arising problems. In addition, the corporation has also closely coordinated with local authorities in dealing with impacts on trees, crops and properties caused by storms to the residents living nearby,” a company representative said.

Despite the difficulties and challenges, the staff is focused on both ensuring production and raising the sense of responsibility to protect the environment, for the benefits of the community and society.

Stormy season preparation

In 2022, with the stormy season approaching, VVMI has held seminars on environmental protection and storm prevention for the entire staff of the corporation and enhanced the capacity of environmental department managers.

Coal production units continue serious treatment of mining wastewater, as well as repair and upgrades of environmental works like specialized roads and water drainage systems. They are also implementing solutions to restore the landscape of production areas by planting native trees in areas where mining activities are terminated.

Cement production units operate an environmental management system according to Vietnam’s ISO 14001 standard. They operate the emission monitoring system and transmit monitoring data directly to the local Departments of Natural Resources and Environment, operate dust filter systems to ensure that dust and emissions meet the permitted standards before being discharged into the environment.

By taking drastic and comprehensive measures, VVMI is determined to avoid damage to properties and local residents during the stormy season. One of those measures is regular updating of weather developments and disseminating information to its entire staff about the importance of disaster prevention and rescue works.

Kim Chi