Vun Art, enabling the disabled and preserving Vietnamese culture

06:08 | 02/09/2020 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Vun Art, a cooperative located in Van Phuc Silk Village in Hanoi’s Ha Dong District, not only preserves and spreads unique traditional values, but also provides great opportunities for domestic and foreign tourists to experience Vietnam’s different cultures.  

vun art enabling the disabled and preserving vietnamese culture

In Vun Art, silk fabric scraps, seemingly of no use, are put together to create vibrant artworks imbued with Vietnamese culture by people with disabilities. The fabric paintings provide a fresh look for many tranditional folk paintings, such as the image of the pig of Dong Ho painting, wedding of the mouse, streets around Hoan Kiem Lake.

The canvases are not only a bridge to life for disadvantage people, but also preserve and promote aesthetic and traditional cultural values and produce unique souvenirs. In order to diversify their products, in addition to silk paintings, members at Vun Art also make silk cards, silk toys and bags targeting a wide range of customers.

vun art enabling the disabled and preserving vietnamese culture

Le Viet Cuong, chairman of Ha Dong District Disabled People's Association, founded the Vun Art Cooperative in 2017. As a person with disability, Cuong understands the difficulties facing others like him when applying for a job. He hopes to convey to others that a piece of fabric scrap contributes to a work of art if placed in the right spot, and a person with a disability can also contribute unique qualities to beautify life if he or she finds the right position.

Vun Art provides vocational training for 35 people with disabilities, many of whom are proficient in their profession and given job opportunities after their apprenticeship.

Vun Art also provides workshops for young people and both domestic and foreign tourists to learn about folk painting and practice making fabric paintings and bags. Many tourists, especially international tourists, appreciate the creativity of this model, not only promoting traditional culture but also contributing to environmental protection.

vun art enabling the disabled and preserving vietnamese culture

In March 2020, Vun Art Cooperative exported 2,000 T-shirts made with silk fabric scraps to the US market. The products of Vun Art are also ordered by the United States Embassy, the Embassy of Canada and many others.

Vun Art is trying to create enough potential to replicate the model to help people with disabilities make products at home, cooperate with large domestic fashion brands as well as research new products with high applicability, not only contributing to vocational training for people with disabilities , but also enriching tourism products of the capital.

Nguyen Mai