VTC Intecom deploy Microsoft Azure

22:43 | 28/12/2016 Information Technology

(VEN) - VTC Intecom and Microsoft have collaborated to deploy Microsoft Azure for improving competitiveness

With more than 1,000 staffs, a huge distribution system scattered across 63 provinces in Vietnam, and millions of both local and foreign customers, VTC Intecom’s leaders have put IT’s development and operation as the first priority from the beginning. Building the IT’s foundation and applications are proceeded via managing, operating, and developing projects. In order to meet the increasing demands of customers with a thriving distribution network in intermediate payments, e-commerce and online entertainment during ten years, VTC Intercom has always been to applying and developing many solutions based on different foundations.

vtc intercom deploy microsoft azure

To solve the problem of fulfilling service needs and bring the best-quality service to customers on a large scale, VTC Intecom has generated cloud computing since the first day, in parallel with traditional IT solutions. VTC Intecom, in addition, has independently studied, built, and deployed cloud computing applications. Doing research and deploying cloud solutions by itself has enabled VTC Intecom to utilize operations, fees, human resource, etc., especially when generating services in Vietnam. Despite having advantages of deploying infrastructure and cloud for customers in the local for customers within the country, VTC Intecom has still been coping with many challenges when intending to widen the market abroad. These challenges lead from choosing data center, transmission line subscription when being equipped server infrastructure overseas, to the fees for employees to equip and operate abroad.

To solve the problem of payment when generating services abroad, VTC Intecom has started to analyze and consider choosing cloud instead of other IT solutions. And the final decision for VTC Intecom’s cloud foundation is to determine on using Microsoft Azure platform, which is the way to transfer data usage to serve the customers better. “Before using Microsoft Azure, there was nothing to compare. But now comparing it with other services proceeded in other countries, Microsoft Azure has allowed us to be flexible and saving time”, Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat, Vice General Director of VTC Intecom shares.

According to VTC Intecom, choosing cloud is the current trend to solve problems about operation costs, as well as more flexible for changing service-product scale. This flexibility of adjusting services, based on needs in reality whenever in high or low season, is an add-on value for Microsoft Azure itself. This has helped enterprises to be able to fix difficult issues about investment fees in order to have the ideal facility as expected. In fact, investing servers abroad and renting transmission line are the hardest problems for all corporations doing business in game services and e-commerce. Microsoft Azure and data center have been populated in more than 100 countries worldwide, and have solved completely VTC Intecom’s struggles. Microsoft Azure has approximately saved more than 60% investment and operation fees compared with traditional investment on facilities. Also, the most outstanding feature that makes VTC Intecom has choosing Microsoft Azure is because Microsoft’s scale of services is globalized, according to Intercom representative. In reality, areas that are requested to provide services for customers by VTC Intecom, are created within a very short time by Microsoft. The second reason is for Microsoft’s foundations have friendly interface, which has helped VTC Intecom save lots of time, not only the time of generating but also the one of training for using. VTC Intecom’s employees only need to receive accounts and passwords to sign in and can use Microsoft Azure immediately. Optimizing Microsoft Azure, in general, has reduced the workload for training almost 100%.

As the leading digital content provider in Vietnam, VTC Intecom has always invested in research and technology to achieve the most effective result, along with an ambition of making Vietnam become a strong nation of information technology and communications. By choosing Microsoft Azure, the organization has realized this is the way to transfer data usage easily and to serve the customers better. Since Microsoft Azure is used globally, it has helped VTC Intecom to conquer the international market, solving the problem of the past.

One of the biggest concerns for service providers and businesses are safety and security as well as privacy when transferring to the cloud. “Legally, Microsoft has the office in Vietnam and authorized partners for generating, so have been beneficial in terms of administrative procedures”, VTC Intecom representative confirms, the model IaaS is a good example (a facility which is similar to a service).

After experimenting and putting Microsoft Azure in practice, VTC Intecom has achieved positive results. Because of familiar characteristics, plus years of expertise in cloud services, so “It did not take much time to study, train and human resource to deploy, only receiving accounts and use them effectively” is what VTC Intecom’s IT staffs have confirmed after using Microsoft Azure.

In the past, when having requests from abroad, VTC Intecom often had to study about the market, analyze possible solutions to deploy, along with rent international IDC transmission line. This is an economic and long-term human resource problem, so it should take time to be considered. However, with the expanding network and the ability to provide services to more than 100 nations worldwide, Microsoft Azure has helped VTC Intecom solve the problem to balance out human management plan and international IDC payment. In practice, when using Microsoft Azure, requests of services from international customers with VTC Intecom have been solved 100%.

“Despite being generated at the first stage only, VTC Intecom has been able to consider long-term opportunities during digital era and lead the 4th technology revolution. Controlling the cloud to truly have the boons of effective fees and operation, giving out true quality and safe services are what VTC Intecom has looked forward to doing”, Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat, Vice General Director of VTC Intecom.

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