VPS drives growth with future-proofing technology from IBM

10:32 | 15/04/2022 Science - Technology

To be the leading brokerage firms in Vietnam, VPS wanted to ensure the technology stack servicing their clients was of the best-of-breed and followed best practices that could scale quickly to meet the immediate and future growth initiatives. The company knew they needed to upgrade their IBM Power systems environment to IBM Power10. VPS is confident that IBM Power is the right platform to remain on, with a future roadmap stretching to next three years and beyond.

As one of the largest securities firms in Vietnam with key business areas including securities brokerage & trading, investment banking, corporate financial advisory and property management consulting, VPS manages more than hundreds and thousands of transactions via a financial management platform that fulfills different investment needs, wealth management and payment services for their clients. Thus, the need for high performance, availability and unmatched security to handle complex concurrent workloads with increased utilization of resources is key to running the multi-client environments.

The company has been a longtime IBM Power user for their financial services solutions since 2010. Their entire financial services portfolio is hosted in their data center and many platforms, with IBM Power systems running the backend. Recently, VPS has decided it was time to upgrade their IT infrastructure as they prepared for growth. They needed increased scalability, reliability and availability from their IT infrastructure to handle the increased workloads placed on their data center and hosting platform. Thus, they began to look at upgrading to Power10, for its stability and high performance. The Power10 system migration will enable VPS to leverage the same technology running its back-end processes, while minimizing its effort and risk migrating the application, database, and hardware with a simple system restart.

vps drives growth with future proofing technology from ibm

“The successful project ensures that VPS transaction data computing and managing system delivers the most outstanding performance, enabling the readiness to meet the increasing demand from customers. We have witnessed the doubled capability of transaction processing for larger customers, lower risk of system failure or overload bringing better customer experience, strengthening customer loyalty and increasing profits,” shared Mr. Mai Tat Thang, Chief Technology Officer of VPS. “At VPS, we always value customer experiences and information security in our customer transactions. From customer experience, we adapt and evolve to create a superior competitive advantage. Our constant research to understand customers, results in great experience and meeting the needs of customers, enabling access to investment and financial solutions for people. The collaboration with IBM provides customer’s smooth and secure experience, and simultaneously opens new opportunities in enhancing customer experience in the future”.

“Two years into the pandemic, organizations around the world continue to face critical challenges, moving from the urgency to go digital to the need to adapt to consumers’ evolving changes in behaviours and expectations. Consumers today demand a platform that can deliver their applications and insights securely where and when they need them. IBM is proud to have been chosen as a partner to offer VPS with advanced server platform that enables the company to upscale its IT infrastructure, response to greater customer needs and win their trust” said Pham Thi Thu Diep, General Manager of IBM Vietnam.

VPS is confident in their new Power10 IT infrastructure, and have the scalability, reliability and availability to onboard new financial services clients onto their hosting platform. They can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their clients are more secure by upgrading to the latest hardware and software. VPS is prepared to continue to increase users for their financial services. They have chosen a platform for their financial services solutions that will last long into the future.

Thu Thuy