VPI supplies 85 tons of anodes for Ca Tam field development project

14:46 | 26/03/2018 Industry

(VEN) - Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) recently supplied 85 tons of Al-Zn-In alloy sacrificial anodes to Vietsovpetro Joint Venture for implementation of the development project of Ca Tam field in Block 9-3/12, Cuu Long basin, offshore Vietnam’s continental shelf.

Anode products manufactured by VPI in Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

Aluminium alloy sacrificial anodes, which are the result of VPI’s research and development, are produced in Dong Xuyen Industrial Park (Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province). This batch of supply to Vietsovpetro consists of 212 products, with each product weighing 410kg and having the dimensions of 244 x 25.2 x 24cm. The sacrificial anodes will be used by Vietsovpetro to protect CTC1 jacket against corrosion, ensuring the structure’s lifetime as designed and contributing to assuring the schedule of putting Ca Tam field into production during the 4th quarter of 2018.

VPI handed over 85 tons of anodes to Vietsovpetro for corrosion protection of CTC1 jacket, Ca Tam field

Aluminium alloy sacrificial anodes are used to protect equipment and structures such as jackets of drilling rigs, oil and gas pipelines, vessels, and wharves against corrosion in seawater. With the negative potential much lower than that of steel structures, the sacrificial anode is capable of dissolving to provide cathodic current, protecting offshore structures against corrosion.

Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Le Hien, Director of the Centre for Technology Application and Transfer (CTAT), said that on the basis of the anti-corrosion aluminium alloy sacrificial anode manufacturing technology, VPI has standardised the composition of Al-Zn-In alloy sacrificial anode and continuously optimised the metallurgical, smelting and annealing processes in order to produce high quality sacrificial anodes.

VPI’s sacrificial anode manufacturing unit at Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, Vung Tau City

This product is certified by the international accreditation organisation Det Norske Veritas (DNV) based on the international standard DNV RP B401. With the anode capacity of more than 2,600Ah/kg, a negative potential of 1.1V compared to the Ag/AgCl electrode, VPI’s anode product has been tested and evaluated by the Quality Assurance and Testing Centre 1 (Quatest 1) as meeting domestic and international standards and having quality equivalent to imported products.

In the oil and gas sector only, Vietnam previously had to import about 1,000 tons of anodes each year to protect oil and gas structures/projects against corrosion. VPI’s manufacture of anodes locally will save foreign exchange for the country, estimated at nearly USD 4.5 million per year.

VPI’s anode product is certified by Det Norske Veritas to meet the requirements of the international standard DNV RP B401