VN welcomes more than 3 million foreign tourists

14:03 | 01/06/2015 Society

Foreign visitors to Viet Nam numbered 3,275,200 in the first five months of this year, down 12.6% compared to the same period last year, according to the General Statistics Office

VN welcomes more than 3 million foreign tourists

Foreign passengers travelling by air, road and decreased 9.8%, 23.1% and 34.4%, to number 2,693,700, 555,700 and 25,800, respectively.


Viet Nam welcomed 2,152,400 international visitors from Asia and 525,000 ones from Europe, down 12.8% and 7.3%, respectively.

It saw a decrease of 37.6% from the Cambodian market, 30.6% from Laos, nearly 30% from China, and 29.1% from Thailand. 

The holidaymakers from Russia went down 16.5%, the UK, down 6% and Australia, down 9.3%.

Meanwhile, more tourists from the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the US and Italy visited the country in the reviewed period, with 480,000 (up 35.3%), 86,600 (up 6.2%), 267,500 (up 2.4%) and Italia 16,800, up 4.5%, respectively.

Source VGP