Vinh Phuc Province creates motivation for rural industrial development

06:09 | 18/09/2020 Society

(VEN) - The industry promotion activities implemented by Vinh Phuc Province have focused on supporting not only organizations and individuals in industry and handicraft production, but also craft villages, especially rural industrial establishments, in order to develop production and improve productivity and quality.

vinh phuc province creates motivation for rural industrial development
Vinh Phuc promotes comprehensive rural industrial development

According to a Vinh Phuc Department of Industry and Trade report, support mechanisms and policies in the Industry Promotion Program have created favorable conditions for the development of industry and handicraft enterprises and rural industrial establishments in the northwestern province. Specifically, the units have invested in machinery, equipment and technology to improve product quality, automated the production process and expanded the market, improving the efficiency of production and business activities, and yielding stable incomes for employees.

Since 2016, with VND600 million from the National Industry Promotion Program, Vinh Phuc has implemented a technical demonstration model at the LAVITECH Technology Joint Stock Company and has developed a project supporting corrugated iron sheet production machines and equipment at the Phuong Nam Steel Trading Company Limited. In addition, the province has spent over VND24.5 billion to provide legal and human resources support for small and medium enterprises and rural industry enterprises in the area.

The province has nearly 420 workers trained in handicrafts. The Vinh Phuc Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center not only organized conferences and seminars with 400 participants on industry and handicraft development, cleaner production, saving raw materials, but also organized the acceptance of 146 projects supporting the purchase of advanced machinery, equipment and technology in production. In addition, the center supported handicraft establishments in hiring consultants for quick assessment on cleaner production as well as supported funding for printing, issuance of leaflets, catalogs, and product packaging.

Vinh Phuc Province has supported 27 units in building product brands, helped rural industrial establishments attend 23 fairs and exhibitions, and supported consulting and marketing, production, finance, accounting and human resources management in 20 units. In 2017 and 2019, Vinh Phuc held a selection of typical rural industrial products at the provincial level and had 13 products recognized.

In the 2020-2025 period, Vinh Phuc aims to support 135-140 rural industrial establishments in applying advanced machinery, equipment and technology, and developing technical demonstration models, support 50 establishments in building and registering trademarks, design models and packaging. It will also support repairs and upgrades of environmental pollution treatment systems in nine rural industrial establishments and industry clusters and consultation for 40 rural industrial establishments on setting up investment projects, maketing, production, finance, accounting, and human resources management, business establishment, joint ventures and association in production and business.

In order to achieve these targets, Vinh Phuc Province will focus on mobilizing resources to join or support organizations and individuals in industry and handicraft production and industry promotion services. The province will focus on supporting rural industrial establishments to promote rural development, create a breakthrough in improved productivity, quality and competitiveness. The province will also strengthen and promote the development of large-scale commodity production and focus on value chains, connect raw material production with processing and consumption, helping rural industrial establishments expand production and business, and increase competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.

Lan Hoang