Vinh Phuc Power Company: Occupational safety is top priority

09:00 | 12/10/2021 Companies

(VEN) - The electricity industry by its very nature poses potential dangers. To ensure labor safety, the power company in the northern mountain province of Vinh Phuc has implemented various effective solutions.

Despite the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on production and business activities, the Vinh Phuc Power Company has completed its assigned tasks in 2021. In particular, the company has taken precautions to ensure occupational safety and labor protection, minimize safety risks and prevent accidents.

In addition, the company periodically conducts training for employees, and performs inspections and controls using ECP software to detect errors on the scene and correct them promptly.

With the top goal of ensuring occupational safety requirements first, the company has implemented strict processes and regulations in management, operations and production, regularly organized inspections, tests and trainings in order to provide workers with knowledge, skills and experience to ensure safety. It has also sought to raise employee awareness of safety measures and provided them with means and tools, as well as improving working conditions and workers' health.

With the theme of the year “Digital Transformation in Vietnam Electricity”, Vinh Phuc Power Company has set out major goals, targets and tasks, including field inspections combined with image control on the ECP; periodically carry out inspections in order to detect and promptly handle problems to the grid, striving to prevent occupational accidents.

In addition, it will continue to inspect and review reports on operation management and safety precautions of its member units, and promptly handle violations. It will also hold training on grid corridor safety for all employees, and organize a conference to disseminate information on protection of high-voltage grid safety corridors in localities.

In the face of abnormal weather developments, especially the upcoming stormy season with unpredictable forecasts, the company has strengthened inspection of the power grid to promptly repair damage and ensure safe and reliable power supply for residents and production.

The company has also sent residents notices about using electricity safely, especially in the rainy and stormy season and urged them to report any faults or unsafe equipment and conditions. They were also asked not to dig in the soil to avoid landslides endangering electrical infrastructure such as pillars, substructures and drainage channels of power stations, and underground cables.

Kim Chi