Vinh Long Province seeks to boost rural industries

13:00 | 26/09/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Industry promotion activities have played an important role for production establishments and rural industrial enterprises, helping them invest in modern machines and production equipment, improve product packaging, find markets for their products, and increase the incomes of rural workers.

vinh long province seeks to boost rural industries
Modern machines help enterprises enhance production efficiency

Innovations in production equipment

Thanks to local industry promotion funding, the Tuan Linh production and distribution household business in Vinh Long Province’s Tam Binh District has invested in advanced machinery and equipment to improve production efficiency. According to Tuan Linh owner Nguyen Thi Truc Linh, investing in machinery and equipment helps the establishment improve productivity, limit waste, supply cleaner products, ensure food safety and hygiene, create a clean and airy production space, and minimize superfluous labor.

The Dong Phat Food Company Limited in the Mekong Delta province’s Binh Tan District is also one of the beneficiaries of the industry promotion funding. According to company director Tran Hoang Dong, supporting the application of machinery and equipment in the processing of vegetables, tubers and fruits has helped the company improve competitiveness, create high quality products, save raw material, and eliminate outdated polluting technology. Solutions to difficulties

According to the Vinh Long Department of Industry and Trade, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in business stagnation and reduced revenues, presenting difficulties in consultation and guidance for rural industrial establishments and slowing the investment in production machinery and equipment. The majority of establishments and enterprises in the province are small enterprises and household businesses with limited financial potential and little access to science and technology, hampering implementation of industry promotion projects.

In addition, the staff specializing in the implementation of industry promotion activities in the area has many other tasks, limiting the survey, consultation, and guidance for rural industrial establishments in planning and developing projects.

Therefore, Vinh Long Province will focus on increasing the quality of consulting services, take measures to support establishments and enterprises in the process of production investment and encourage advanced science and technology application.

Vinh Long will not only closely combine industry promotion activities with trade promotion, creating favorable conditions for businesses to participate in fairs and exhibitions outside the province, but also boost awards for quality products with development potential, recognize craft villages and artisans and encourage enterprises in production and business activities.

With a 2020 industry promotion budget of about VND3.4 billion, Vinh Long Province will focus on supporting rural industrial establishments in improving their production capacity in association with a project for restructuring the processing of agricultural products, food and beverage using local ingredients, the textile and footwear industry, chemicals, packaging and other supporting industries.

Thu Trang