Vinacomin’s “park in the plant” model

16:00 | 29/07/2022 Environment

(VEN) - A shady campus with green trees and flower gardens grace the ​​Son Dong thermal power plant of the Vinacomin Son Dong Thermal Power Company.

Vu Xuan Trinh, Director of Vinacomin Son Dong Thermal Power Company, said the company takes environmental protection seriously and has invested tens of millions of VND to improve soil quality, design the landscape, and plant trees and flowers as well.

With the goal of building an efficient, environmentally friendly production plant, the company has also invested in modern, synchronous technology lines with low energy consumption and reduced emissions.

vinacomins park in the plant model

The “Park in the plant” model is being replicated by Vinacomin businesses

Accordingly, the exhaust gas generated by boiler operations is collected and treated by an electrostatic precipitator system (ESP) to remove up to 99.9 percent of the dust. Limestone burned with coal is used to reduce gas pollutants before discharging them into the environment through a 160 meter chimney. Meanwhile, the wastewater is piped into an industrial wastewater tank, where it is separated from oil and impurities by mechanical filtration devices and put into reuse for mixing wet ash, slag and dust spraying.

The ash and slag generated by the power production process is stored in closed silos, sprayed with water to prevent dust from spreading into the environment, leveled and compacted by rollers. Trees are planted around the dump to form a green tree belt, preventing dust dispersion.

To ensure that the plant’s ash and slag are suitable as commodity products, the company has invited specialized units to take samples of the products according to regulations. The company has also developed a project on consuming ash and slag and contracted with businesses, organizations and individuals who need such products in Bac Giang Province and surrounding areas as raw materials for the production of building materials, leveling, road construction. The project has brought yielded positive results, with all of the generated and stored ash and slag sold.

While taking good control of waste sources in the production process, the company continues to renovate the landscape of the plant, with more trees and flower gardens to replicate the “park plant” model among other member units of the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin).

Huong Thu