Vinacomin strives to complete 2015 plan

10:45 | 27/10/2015 Industry

At the Online hand over to the next shift conference on coal production management in October 2015, Mr. Dang Thanh Hai, General Director of Vinacomin directs its member units to attach special importance to step up coal production and business, strive to complete the 2015 plan.

Vinacomin strives to complete 2015 plan


According to Vinacomin, in September 2015, the leadership of the group focused on directing the member units to overcome the consequences of the flood and bring the mines back to stable production. Although there was a lot of difficulties but some of the essential production targets have been basically achieved as the plan proposal including production of 2.7 million tons of raw coal, sale of 2.8 million tons of clean coal (among which over 131 thousand tons for export and over 2.6 million tons for domestic demand), ground taking off of 11.5 million cubic meters and kiln digging of 21.9 thousand meters.

Regarding the other products, the production results were:85 tons of tin bars, 4892 tons of pure copper ore, 527 tons of copper planks, 600 million kWh of electricity and 4,050 tons of industrial explosive. In particular, explosive supply reached 7,000 tons.

The financial results in September were: business turnovers for coal as VND 3,661 billion, minerals - VND 577 billion, electricity - VND 784 billion, mechanical production - VND 256 billion, industrial explosive materials - VND 286 billion…

Directing to perform tasks of October, General Director Dang Thanh Hai asked the member units to attach special importance to step up production and business need, strive to complete the assigned plan.

For the coal business task it is necessary to stick close on the market to ensure timely coal supply for power generation customers, especially for Mong Duong thermal power plant.

In the fields of mineral, power and mechanics, it needs to strengthen production and business to ensure the implementation on schedule.

For safety work, it needs to strengthen inspecting, supervising and speeding up all production units in the group to develop synchronous implementation of solutions and measures for safety guarantee.