Vinacomin prioritizes environmental protection

11:10 | 06/08/2015 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Over the last more than two decades since it was established, along with investing in production and business development, the Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) has paid great attention to environmental protection.

Vinacomin prioritizes environmental protection

Suitable policies

As soon as it was established, Vinacomin had opened a central environment fund with the budget for environmental production equaling 1-1.5 percent of the production cost, allowing its member units to spend 0.3-0.5 percent of their production costs on environmental protection activities.

At the same time, the group had created its own environmental protection mechanisms and policies to professionalize and improve the effectiveness of activities in this field.


Vinacomin had also established specialized environmental protection units and regularly organized training courses to improve the environmental awareness for its managers and environmental officials. The group had promoted cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations such as RAME (Germany), MIRECO (Republic of Korea), and JOGMEC (Japan) in the fields of technological research and human resource training and development.


Technological innovation

In recent years, Vinacomin has intensified the application of mechanized mining technologies in extracting coal from underground mines to reduce the use of wood as mining posts. At the same time, it has modernized the open-cast mining equipment. The use of high-capacity equipment such as excavators with a capacity of 10cu.m and trucks with a loading capacity of 100 tonnes has helped Vinacomin increase productivity while saving fuels and restricting exhaust fumes. Investment in soft starters for electrical equipment used in open-cast and underground mining has allowed the group to save a great deal of electricity. Furthermore, Vinacomin has paid great attention to gathering all kinds of substandard coal and minerals for recycling. It has invested in upgrading coal sifting stations, and built power plants using low-quality coal (Na Duong, Son Dong) in order to utilize natural resources.


Vinacomin is looking towards green production to boost its development in harmony with the environment and community. In the time to come, the group will continue investing in technological innovation and equipment modernization to save energy and reduce waste emissions. In addition, it will intensify the recycling of low-quality coals and minerals save these kinds of natural resources.


Thanks to its environmental protection efforts, in recent years, Vinacomin has achieved initial success in dealing with and preventing environmental pollution during the mining process. The quality of the environment around its mining sites as well as the scenery in nearby residential and urban areas has improved.


Vinacomin’s annual expenditure for environmental protection is nearly VND1 trillion, of which 70 percent is invested in environmental protection works, and 30 percent is spent on regular activities in this field. This year, the group intends to spend a total of about 1.15 trillion on environmental protection.



Phuong Tam