Vinacomin-Nam Mau Coal Company targets green growth

16:00 | 22/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - The Vinacomin-Nam Mau Coal Company, a subsidiary of the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin), has shown its determination to develop trade and production activities coupled with environmental protection in order to drive towards green growth and adapt to climate change.

vinacomin nam mau coal company targets green growth
The Vinacomin-Nam Mau Coal Company’s Youth Union responds to the Action Month on Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Month 2022

Towards green economy

The Vinacomin-Nam Mau Coal Company, which operates an underground coal mine in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh, is paying greater attention to environmental protection in accordance with the Vinacomin Party Committee’s resolution on strengthening environmental protection by 2025, with a vision to 2030.

The company has achieved some positive results in this regard. These include planting trees to restore the environment and renovate the landscape of production areas on 2.5ha, building a new domestic wastewater treatment station, constructing dams to prevent soil and rock slides and handle flooding, repairing embankments, spillways and drainage ditches and improving environmental health in production and surrounding areas.

vinacomin nam mau coal company targets green growth

The company has developed action plans to raise awareness of collectives and individuals in environmental protection. Plans call for construction of embankments and dams in the upstream area of the No. 5 Than Thung stream, minimizing the amount of soil and rock drifting to the downstream area. It also aims to restore the environment of waste dumps in sub-zone 37 covering a total area of 14ha, and to build two wastewater treatment stations in the office and Cau Sen apartment building to ensure that all wastewater is treated before being discharged into the local drainage system.

Waste collection, treatment

The company aims to ensure strict compliance with the regulations on waste collection and management. The company strives to collect and treat thoroughly all waste generated in production by 2030 and reuse at least 70 percent of mining wastewater by 2026, while restoring the environment of waste dumps in sub-zone 33 Than Thung covering a total area of 37ha.

Together with its Youth Union, the company annually strengthens information dissemination about environmental protection, contributing to raising awareness of employees and young workers. In addition, the company has encouraged employees to participate in a tree-planting campaign, contributing to greening the environment in production and surrounding areas.

The company has paid great attention to training and its quality, while improving qualifications and awareness of officials, party members and employees. It has strengthened review to perfect regulations on environmental protection in accordance with the actual production conditions, while organizing inspection teams to check on industrial hygiene and environmental sanitation.

With specific action plans, drastic measures and greater efforts by all leaders and employees, the Vinacomin-Nam Mau Coal company strives to complete its set targets, while ensuring strict compliance with the regulations on environmental protection.

Chi Hoang