VinaCapital rolls out VinaCapital Insights Balanced Fund

14:47 | 02/04/2019 Economy

VinaCapital Fund Management Joint Stock Company (VCFM), one of the most experienced asset management companies in Vietnam, on March 20 announced the establishment of its fourth open-ended fund - the VinaCapital Insights Balanced Fund (VIBF).

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The move aims to diversify VinaCapital’s open-ended products, which have served as an effective investment channel for individual and organisational investors thanks to its good security and liquidity.

The VIBF offers a balance in the investment of bonds, treasury bills, fixed income assets, large-cap stocks and other valuable papers and records.

The VIBF launched its fund certificate initial public offering the same day, and the fund certificates are available for sale until April 15.

VCFM General Director Nguyen Thi Thai Thuan said the VCFM has been working to develop its products to fit the demands of investors. She described the VIBF as an efficient financial tool to help investors gain stable income and increase their assets.

The VCFM was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of VinaCapital Group and operated under the name of VinaWealth Fund Management Company until July 2017. VCFM provides investment management and investment advisory services for both domestic and international investors.

The VCFM is fully owned by VinaCapital Group, one of Vietnam’s most experienced asset management and real estate development companies, with nearly 2 billion USD in assets under management in Vietnam. VinaCapital has more than 15 years of experience in Vietnam, and currently manage funds across multiple asset classes, including public and private equity, fixed income, real estate, venture capital and managed accounts.

Theo VNA