Bringing parks into mines

Vimico raises environmental awareness

06:00 | 23/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - Applying appropriate technologies in mining, the Vinacomin Minerals Holding Corporation (Vimico) has increased output, production and business efficiency, while reducing resource loss and contributing to environmental protection.

Improved production, business efficiency

Vimico adheres rigorously to the Law on Environmental Protection. In addition to staff training organized by the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin), Vimico also organizes a separate training class on environmental protection for managers in charge of departments and workshops, thereby raising awareness of environmental protection in production and business activities.

In mineral mining, the corporation applies technology selectively to enrich primary ores, and thoroughly recover metallic minerals. As a result, it can both reduce resource loss and improve environmental protection efficiency by not leaving metal ores that pollute soil, rock and water sources, reducing the volume of ore transport and dust generated during the transportation process. At the same time, it maintains the watering mode to limit generated dust on mining routes. The corporation also plants trees to protect the environment on dumping grounds and internal roads of mining sites to reduce the risk of landslides and dust emission, and improve the landscape.

Mineral screening has also undergone many changes, replacing all pneumatic mechanical devices with cell devices, thereby increasing mineral collection and enriching minerals. “Due to the application of advanced methods, the current capacity of the ore screening plants is from 120 to 150 percent above the design, with copper collection at 93.57 percent (design of 93.0 percent), zinc at 92.7 percent (design of 91.8 percent); thoroughly recovering metal ores, limiting pollution of rocky waste and waste water,” a leading corporation official said.

In addition, the corporation pays attention to the metallurgical work of factories with the quality of metal products like copper, zinc, gold tin, silver, steel billet ranging from 99.95 to 99.99 percent. The production technology of the factories is stable and environmentally friendly, partially ensuring automated production, and the capacity of the factories has increased from 15 to 20 percent compared to the design.

The Lao Cai Copper Smelting Plant, and the Thai Nguyen Zinc Electrolysis Plant have used new catalysts VK38, VK48 to replace the previous catalysts S101, S108 in the sulfuric acid production line. The factories regularly control the operation of different systems in compliance with the QCVN 19:2009/BTNMT and directly transmit environmental parameters to the local Department of Natural Resources and Environment for monitoring according to regulations.

Towards sustainable development

In addition to planting trees on internal mine roads and vacant land areas, the corporation creates mini-parks on the campuses of mineral screening and metallurgical plants and plants trees to improve and restore the environment at landfills where dumping has stopped.

After every Lunar New Year, the corporation organizes the “Tet tree-planting festival to express gratitude to Uncle Ho”, a symbolic event with practical significance to protect the environment in light of the moral path set by President Ho Chi Minh.

Vinacomin implements two key slogans - “Bringing parks into the mines and factories” and “creating a green, clean environment at mineral mines, mineral screening plants, and metallurgical plants”. The company has found that adhering to these guidelines not only helps protect the environment but also inspires worker creativity, improving production and business efficiency.

The corporation’s plans target developing production parallel to environmental protection, and expanding the dissemination of the law on environmental protection.

Vimico also seeks to mobilize community participation in environmental protection in order to contribute to Vinacomin’s sustainable development strategy.

Kim Chi