Viettel to make additional investment in Peru

09:14 | 26/10/2015 Science - Technology

Bitel telecommunication service provider, the Peru branch of Vietnam’s military-run telecom group Viettel, will invest an additional US$250 million to increase its subscribers to 2.5 million people.

Viettel to make additional investment in Peru

At a press conference on the occasion of Bitel’s one year anniversary, Bitel General Director Hoang Quoc Quyen said since 2011 the enterprise has built 17,000 kilometres of cable in Peru, the largest cable network in this South American country.

Bitel expects to count its one millionth mobile subscriber by the end of this month and aims to have 2.5 million users in 2016, Bitel Communication and Advertising Manager Rafael Torres said, highlighting that it will mean Bitel will become the dominant mobile network in Peru.

The company is now ready to provide fixed wireless phones and internet services for organisations and enterprises as well as free internet access for nearly 4,500 schools, medical stations and other public places in Peru.

On October 15, Viettel launched its telecom services under the brand name Halotel in Tanzania. 

Viettel is currently operating in 10 countries in Asia, the Americas and Africa with the total population of over 260 million, of whom 75 million have become Viettel’s customers. 

In 2014, the group grossed nearly US$10 billion in revenue, US$1.2 billion of which were from abroad./.

Source: VNA