Viettel Quang Nam: A business that helps the community

14:56 | 08/11/2013 Companies

(VEN) - Viettel through impressive breakthroughs in business has set up a widespread mobile network in Quang Nam Province in only a short period of time and risen to take the leading position in the local telecommunication system. With a philosophy “Doing business in association with social activities” Viettel branch in Quang Nam (Viettel Quang Nam) has shared the burdens of life and bring joy to many people living in difficulties.

In 2005, Viettel officially set up its branch in Quang Nam Province with 10 staff. Until now, Viettel Quang Nam is home to more than 300 capable and enthusiastic staff with 18 transaction centers. It became the province’s strongest telecom unit with nearly 500 base transceiver stations (BTSs) and the widest 2G and 3G network coverage (98.5 percent of the communes). Especially, despite thin population in communes bordering Laos, coastal localities or on Cu Lao Cham Island, Viettel still have hundred-meter BTSs there to ensure communication connection in case of bad weather conditions or security and defense issues and this is Viettel’s difference compared with other telecom providers.

Along with significant progress in business, Viettel Quang Nam has always been a leader in the social activities for the community. Aside from contributing dozens of billions of dong per year to the provincial budget, it also built charity homes for natural disasters-striken people and families under preferential treatment policies. In 2012, Quang Nam Viettel represented Viettel to give VND100 million to Binh Duong - Thang Binh study promotion fund and financed free surgery for 25 small children having heart diseases in the program “Heart for you”.

The most remarkable activity was the free internet connection program to all local schools. To date, 100 percent of the schools are connected to the internet using 3G technology, of those 57.5 percent used the Viettel’s service. The online education programs brings real benefits to Quang Nam’s education in terms of accessing information, modernizing education and training and applying information technology (IT) in the province’s state management system.

Being aware of the important role of IT-telecommunications for the socio-economic development, in the coming time, Quang Nam Viettel will put fiber optic lines under the ground in the province’s coastal and delta districts, expand 3G coverage to 100 percent of communes. In addition, Viettel Quang Nam aims to deploy TV services based on the available telecommunications infrastructure to all families, especially those in rural and mountainous areas, gradually putting internet banking service on mobile phones into operation. Also, to realize the goal of becoming the leading provider of special service products, in the coming time, Viettel will strongly develop value-added services on the 3G technology to better serve the needs of customers, so that all the people of all ages can use and benefit from Viettel’s services.

Director of Quang Nam Viettel Nguyen Van Hoang said with continuous innovation and creation, Viettel has contributed to helping Quang Nam become a typical province in IT-telecommunications application and creating a foundation for the province’s socio-economic development. /.

By Hanh Hao