Vietsovpetro Joint Venture Marine Transport and Diving Service Division: The backbone of marine works

09:53 | 23/08/2017 Companies

(VEN) - The Vietsovpetro Joint Venture’s Marine Transport and Diving Service Division plays an important role in ensuring effective operations of marine works.  

the backbone of marine works

The division, formerly named Marine Transport Department, was established on June 2, 1983 at the third meeting of the Vietsovpetro Council.

The division provides a variety of services catering for the transportation of goods, such as diesel oil and fresh water, from oil and gas ports to marine works and vice versa, as well as between marine facilities.

The division supplies many types of specialized ships for use in the oil and gas sector, in general, and marine works, in particular. Examples include pipe laying vessels for use in the laying and setting of oil/gas pipelines on the ocean floor (Truong Sa, Con Son); crane vessels, barges and multifunctional service vessels catering for the building, installation and repair of marine works; survey vessels and specific types of vessels used to support the repair of underwater parts of marine works and mobile drilling platforms, the dismantlement and installation of anchor systems for floating storage and offloading vessels; tugboats catering for the relocation of mobile drilling platforms; oil tankers; specific vessels catering for well testing and seismic survey activities. The division also provides rescue and firefighting services for offshore facilities and structures, and oil spill response services.

The division has an underwater technique board, also called the Diving Board, which was established in 1984 to serve its demand for expansion and further development. Initially, the board consisted of just one doctor and three divers from the former Soviet Union, and used diving support vessels (first Sentavr, and then Akhtiar) hired from the Trernomornheftegaz Oil and Gas Group.

Today, the board has become a strong organization with two modern diving support vessels, highly qualified experts and nearly 40 experienced divers with internationally recognized degrees.

The Diving Board provides specific services related to diving and underwater techniques catering for the exploration and extraction of oil and gas carried out by Vietsovpetro. It is responsible for most underwater activities, such as checking, surveying, measuring, building, dismantlement and installation, maintenance, repair, search, rescue, and other ship services. No types of machinery or equipment, even the most modern ones, can replace divers to carry out these complicated and scrupulous activities.

Divers have to work under dangerous and risky conditions that depend on natural factors, such as sea waves, wind speed, water temperature, attacks by dangerous sea creatures, and nitrogen dioxide poisoning.

Statistics show that since it was established, the Marine Transport and Diving Service Division has transported more than seven million tonnes of goods for supply to marine works. Its fleet of vessels has been on duty for 150,000 days. The division has laid thousands of kilometers of oil and gas pipelines, and moored thousands of oil tankers. It has carried out a lot of diving activities catering for surveys, repair and installation of underwater parts of marine works. The division has also moved, positioned and installed jack-up drilling rigs and floating storage and offloading units for hundreds of times. Major projects carried out by the division include the launching, transportation and installation of the Dai Hung-02 jacket; the installation of the P1, P2 offshore facilities for the Ministry of Defense, and the installation of the Te Giac Trang platform and FPSO Armada (Hoang Long JOC). The division has also provides services for domestic and foreign oil and gas companies at Lot 09-3, Lot 12/11, BK Thien Ung, and installed the Su Tu Trang jacket and P5-P6, P7-P11 offshore facilities for the Ministry of Defense. It has maintained tight coordination with marine police forces in Region 3 and border guards at the ports of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province to ensure security on the sea.

For its great achievements and successful operations, the division has received many rewards from the leadership of Vietsovpetro and the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, as well as from the Party and the State. Specifically, it has received one Second-class Labor Order and one Third-class Labor Order for its foreign staff, four Third-class Labor Orders for one team and three individuals, and many certificates of merit from the prime minister.

Thanks to the flexibility, creativity and expertise of its leadership and all staff members, the Marine Transport and Diving Service Division has fulfilled its annual plans and significantly contributed to successes achieved by the Vietsovpetro Joint Venture and the Vietnamese oil and gas sector as a whole.

The Marine Transport and Diving Service Division currently has three crane vessels with lifting capacity ranging from 300-1,200 tonnes, 13 multifunctional service vessels with capacity ranging from 4,000-16,000HP; two diving support vessels, one rescue and firefighting vessel, three barges and pontoon, one passenger ship, four diving stations and two ROV. Modern equipment includes Thien Ung 01 multifunctional service vessel, Long Hai 02 diving support vessel, Hoang Sa and Truong Sa crane vessels.

Thanh Vu