Vietnam’s security market grows more attractive to foreign investors

16:30 | 11/06/2017 Economy

Some 232 foreign investors were granted securities trading codes in May, of which 198 were individuals and 34 were organizations, according to the Vietnam Securities Depository.

Illustrative photo - Photo: VNA

This is a record for newly registered foreign investors in seven years.

Besides, VSD cancelled trading codes for five investor organizations

By the end of May, a total 21,230 foreign investors were trading on the Vietnamese securities market, including 17,912 individuals and 3,318 institutions.

According to statistics from securities companies, net buy values of the foreign sector in May were 1.48 trillion VND (65.2 million USD) compared to a record high of nearly 2.4 trillion VND (105.6 million USD) in the previous month.

In the first days of June, foreign investors continued being net buyers on both local bourses.

On June 6 alone, the foreign sector bought over 200 billion VND (8.8 million USD) worth of shares, pushing the VN-Index over the threshold of 750 points.

Theo VNA