Vietnam’s paper industry links research and production

13:00 | 21/08/2020 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Businesses and research units in the paper industry have promoted the research and application of science and technology with the aim of improving product quality, reducing production costs and increasing profits.

vietnams paper industry links research and production

Scientific research activities at the Institute of Paper and Cellulose Industry

According to the Vietnam Paper Corporation (VINAPACO), the research results have helped protect its writing paper products against smudging by every type of ink on the market, helping reduce the loss of paper returns. Until the application of this smudging-resistant technology in 2013, customers returned 500 tonnes of paper annually, resulting in an additional reproduction cost of VND3.18 million per tonne.

By adjusting and changing technological conditions in the manufacturing process, the corporation has also solved the problem of paper marred by green dust in the form of fibers, preventing the need to reproduce 1,380 tonnes of paper for a saving of about VND4.2 billion per tonne.

As a leading technological research and development unit in the paper industry, the Institute of Paper and Cellulose Industry (under the Ministry of Industry and Trade – MoIT) has linked scientific and technological tasks with the practical requirements of production, enhancing the application and transfers of research results in production. In addition, the institute has promoted biotechnology application in paper production towards sustainable development.

The institute has collaborated with businesses, research institutes, paper industry centers and related industries to conduct research on biotechnology, high technology, environmental technology and applied its results to production to improve pulp and paper product quality, such as bio-pulp from rice straw, recycled pulp, printing paper, blotting paper, packaging paper and tissue paper. It also studied energy-saving solutions to reduce prices and increase productivity and quality of paper products.

As paper production is an energy-consuming industry (power and steam) accounting for about 18-25 percent of the product prices, the institute has implemented a research project to create enzyme from heat-resistant bacterium and apply it to tissue paper production lines. The project contributed to reducing the energy required for the pulping process and improving machine productivity.

In order to improve further the efficient application of science and technology, enterprises and research institutes in the paper industry have proposed that the Ministry of Science and Technology and the MoIT provide funding to develop high quality sci-tech human resources to meet development and integration requirements in the era of Industry 4.0.

According to the Vietnam Paper Corporation, demand for paper products is expected to continue increasing by 8-10 percent annually and with the current movement to reduce plastic waste, demand for paper bags and wrapping paper could grow further.

Quynh Nga