Vietnam’s new vision on REDD+

11:24 | 22/12/2016 Society

(VEN) - United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Country Director in Vietnam Louise Chamberlain said that Vietnam has pioneered and achieved remarkable progress in the implementation of the REDD+ initiative (reducing emissions from deforestation; reducing emissions from forest degradation; conservation of forest carbon stocks; sustainable management of forests; and enhancement of forest carbon stocks). The Vietnamese government is continuing its efforts to offer new approaches for more efficient REDD + implementation.  

vietnams new vision on redd

At a recent high-level meeting on REDD + implementation in Hanoi, Government Office’s Department of Sectoral Economy Deputy Director Vo Dinh Tuyen said that Vietnam was the first country to build and implement a National REDD+ Action Program (NRAP). Since 2010, Vietnam has attempted to quantify the forest environment’s values and successfully implemented the Payment for Environmental Services (PES). PES is being considered to be applied in other environmental fields. Thus, the forest coverage in Vietnam has increased significantly from 27 percent in 1993 to nearly 41 percent in 2015.

To better implement REDD +, Vietnam is revising NRAP towards an interdisciplinary approach in addressing causes, challenges and obstacles in REDD + implementation. The amended NRAP is expected to be ratified by the Vietnamese government in 2016 with a national vision on REDD + for the 2016-2020 period - ensuring sustainable management of high-quality forests for enhancing absorption of carbon from different models of land use; contribution to creation of a green and low carbon emission economy, promoting sustainable and comprehensive socioeconomic development; and improvement of people’s lives.

To mitigate deforestation, the relevant ministries and sectors should review and adjust the overall land use plan to reach the target of having 16.24 million hectares of forest land in 2020. They should also promote non-deforestation sustainable agricultural production and aquaculture, improve forest governance and livelihoods for people living in and near the forests, and strengthen forest law enforcement. It is important for Vietnam to replicate efficient forest business models, pilot sustainable models to enrich national forests, protect and preserve forests, and improve the business environment and finance for forestry.

To implement REDD +, Vietnam will improve and upgrade REDD + measures according to the roadmap, implement management mechanism for REDD +, strengthen international and regional cooperation on REDD + promotion, minimize the risk of emission displacement, regulate, support, promote and improve capacity of NRAP implementation and monitoring.

An investment plan and a resource mobilization framework for NRAP, including quantitative indicators, are expected to be completed in 2017. The plan will attract partners to implement specific activities in full compliance with international commitments of REDD+, ensuring social and environmental security. The Vietnamese government has committed to providing efficient and transparent financial policies to receive payments for what to be achieved, which are expected to be reinvested in forestry goals’ approach by 2020, Vietnam Administration of Forestry Deputy General Director Nguyen Van Ha said.

Lan Ngoc