Vietnam’s fertilizer production adopts innovative technology

08:00 | 13/03/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - In the 2016-2020 period, factories producing phosphate and NPK fertilizers invested in renovating technology and equipment in order to improve these products’ nutritional content, serving domestic and export needs.

vietnams fertilizer production adopts innovative technology
Many fertilizer manufacturing enterprises focus on innovating technology and equipment

According to the Vietnam National Chemical Group (VINACHEM), fertilizer companies have adopted many innovations in technology and equipment to create high quality products containing useful microorganisms and meeting the development trend of clean and organic agricultural production. These businesses not only have produced a variety of new fertilizers for each type of plant and for each specialized cultivation area, but also have built and improved the smoke, dust and water treatment systems in the production process, meeting increasingly strict environmental standards.

The Lam Thao Fertilizers and Chemicals Joint Stock Company (LAFCHEMCO) has introduced solutions to treat H2SiF6 acid generated in the production process of phosphates, also circulating 100 percent of the wastewater, helping stabilize production and yield annual economic value of about VND55.77 billion.

The DAP-Vinachem Joint Stock Company has improved the recovery efficiency of diphosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) in the production of phosphoric acid (PA). By adjusting a number of technological steps at its PA factory, the project has reduced the P2O5 to levels lower than the designed 1.4 percent, and contributed to economical and efficient use of apatite mineral resources, reducing apatite consumption in production.

The Ha Bac Nitrogenous Fertilizers and Chemicals Joint Stock Company (HANICHEMICO) has not only successfully researched and applied a solution using soft start instead of high tension inverter, but also studied, renovated and restored the control and blocking protection system of the K-1301 compressor. The successful application of the solution helps the unit prepare spare materials and avoid dependence on imported replacement equipment and maintain continuous and stable production.

In the 2021-2025 period, VINACHEM’s fertilizer production is focusing on improving the production capacity and efficiency of the Ninh Binh Nitrogenous Fertilizer Factory, Ha Bac Nitrogenous Fertilizer Factory, Hai Phong DAP Factory and Lao Cai DAP Factory to reduce production costs, diversify products, and overcome environmental problems. Moreover, VINACHEM will focus on investment in products available in the market, such as fused phosphate fertilizer, superphosphate fertilizer, and NPK fertilizers on the basis of technological innovation in order to meet environmental requirements, save energy and improve product quality.

In the context of fierce competition in the fertilizer market, products must be not only of high quality and environmentally friendly, but also safe for crops, creating clean agricultural products and serving sustainable organic farming.

Quynh Nga