Vietnam’s design industry changes shape

11:10 | 21/11/2018 Industry

(VEN) - Given Vietnam’s deepening international integration and expanded markets, mobilizing resources to develop design and support businesses to improve competitiveness is essential. Vu Ba Phu, director of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade talked about the Vietnamese design industry in an interview with Vietnam Economic News’ Hoa Quynh.

vietnams design industry changes shape

How do you assess Vietnam’s current design capacity?

Vietnamese businesses now mainly implement outsourcing and manufacture products based on foreign designs. A lack of proper investment has resulted in weak development of the design industry, which is lagging behind other countries in the region. Therefore, it is necessary to build a national development strategy for the design industry, as well as a long-term development orientation starting with training through to practical application. In addition, the establishment of design organizations, associations and centers is required to bring together Vietnam’s leading designers to share and learn from the experience of other developed countries.

What has the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency done to support design firms?

The Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency has organized many programs and activities to promote creative design. In addition to coordinating with domestic and foreign partners to organize conferences, seminars and training courses to disseminate knowledge about product design and development, the agency has invited consultants to improve design. In 2017, a number of seafood, tea and cinnamon companies received support to redesign their brand identity, packaging and labeling. In addition, the agency has maintained international cooperation to share and learn experience from other developed countries.

What should businesses do to increase their product value?

Most foreign partners believe Vietnam’s product quality is good, but not sufficiently attractive and creative. Therefore, businesses need to study consumer tastes, conduct market research, select unique products, and encourage creativity and personality in design. With businesses receiving support and design consultancy, they need to develop business strategies and promote branding to help consumers easily identify their products.

What is your expectation of the establishment of the Vietnam-Korea Design Center?

The Vietnam-Korea Design Center will be a working place for sharing experience and exchanging ideas between Vietnamese and Korean designers, providing practical support for businesses, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises in need of packaging and product design. The center is expected to lay the foundation for professional development of the Vietnamese design industry in the future.

Hoa Quynh