Vietnam’s beautiful landscapes highlighted

16:22 | 07/04/2014 Entertainment

Vietnam joined more than 50 other nations and territories from around the globe at an international tourism exhibition held in Ottawa, Canada on April 5-6.

At the event, Vietnamese pavilions introduced exhibition goers to the country’s inherently beautiful and perse landscapes and seas, along with a plethora of photos and information on its culture, cuisine and popular tourist destinations.

Many visitors expressed a high level of interest in travelling to Vietnam and said they plan to visit the Southeast Asian nation in the coming time.

Most notably, almost all of the Canadian and international visitors praised the beauty of Vietnam’s landscapes, especially Ha Long Bay and the northwestern region.

This year’s event has featured 200 pavilions, 14 seminars and culinary arts of many famous chefs from Egypt, Aruba, the Republic of Korea and Canada./.

Source VOV News