Vietnamese startup pioneers telesales breakthrough

15:39 | 12/11/2019 Companies

(VEN) - Vietnam’s telesales industry, faced with an explosion of information and lacking sufficient trained personnel, operates too slowly affecting customer access and company sales. Telepro, a homegrown startup, was established as a pioneer in redefining Vietnam’s telesales and telemarketing.

vietnamese startup pioneers telesales breakthrough

Telepro, a tech startup

Telepro is a tech startup providing telesales and telemarketing solutions. Telesales and telemarketing help businesses collect information, create demand and launch marketing. Telepro has received the attention of large businesses thanks to its ability to thoroughly resolve long-standing limitations of traditional telesales and telemarketing.

Telepro uses the sharing economic model, connecting businesses with high demand for telemarketing and extensively trained, freelance agents. It helps resolve most of the difficulties facing businesses, such as fixed costs, recruitment, space, insurance, quick call response, call time options during office hours, data mutations, sales and script optimization.

Telepro helps make tens of thousands of calls every day, closely monitoring their quality, and reducing the data processing speed to just five minutes, helping businesses optimize costs and resolve personnel problems.

With its powerful management system, advanced technologies like AI and speech-to-text, and readiness to respond to over 10,000 calls a day, Telepro helps businesses save 35 percent of marketing costs, while creating jobs and increasing incomes. Nguyen Trung Hieu, CEO of Telepro, said that freelance agents can easily earn money in their spare time.

vietnamese startup pioneers telesales breakthrough
CEO of Telepro Nguyen Trung Hieu

The company’s efficient results have drawn major firms, such as Vietnam International Bank (VIB), Mobifone, Apax English, Novaland, Manulife, BKAP Group, and Topica Edtech Group. With positive feedback from its business customers and advisory partners, Telepro is sure to thrive in the coming time.

Telepro was among the top 10 recipients of the Sao Khue Awards 2019. In addition, Telepro was also Vietnam’s representative to the Echelon Asia Summit 2019.

Winner of Startup Funding Camp 2018

Nguyen Trung Hieu experienced great difficulties in telesales as a sales manager himself. With 90 percent of customers interested in applying technology in telesales, Hieu and his colleagues founded Telepro to connect businesses with high demand for telemarketing and highly trained freelance agents.

Within a relatively short time, Telepro had 29 business customers and 2,700 collaborators, and reached revenues of about US$25,000. Telepro decided to participate in the Startup Funding Camp 2018 to call for investment capital.

After rounds of application and consulting, Telepro was among the top 10 excellent startups entering the final round of the competition and presenting their plans to judges, investors, and the audience. In a private session, startups presented more details about the company and their products to representatives of investment funds.

Telepro received positive feedback from major investors and raised US$500,000 in funding. “I am impressed. You express your passion for starting a business, understand the market and the field you pursue from the target audience and operational method to development vision. The ideas are good and have long-term development potential,” said Hemant Patel, general director of the Alma Company - the sponsorship of the program.

Startup Funding Camp 2018, themed “Jumping to 4.0 - Automation and Smart Database”, was aimed at promoting

the deployment and integration of all advanced technologies to optimize business operations or means of production

in every organization. Noticeable drivers included 3D printing, automation, discovery of alternative materials, facial

and speed recognition technology.

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