Vietnamese shrimp again welcome in Australia, but…

09:34 | 10/08/2017 Trade

(VEN) - Australia has lifted the ban it imposed in January on the import of uncooked Vietnamese shrimp products.

vietnamese shrimp again welcome in australia but

Vietnamese companies may resume importing raw prawns caught in Australia for processing and re-export them to Australia for consumption.

The decision was made after Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources received written confirmation from the National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department under Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development that “it can meet conditions included in the updated health certificate.”

According to the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, the suspension of prawn and uncooked shelled shrimp imports from Asian nations, including Vietnam, officially ended on July 6, 2017. However, more stringent conditions are applied by Australia to ensure safe, disease-free trading of shrimp and shrimp products.

The new Australian rules have generated concern about their effects on Vietnam’s shrimp export turnover. However, the Vietnamese Trade Representative in Australia, Nguyen Hoang Thuy, says that despite the strict import conditions, if Vietnamese companies meet the requirements, they will fare well.

Eight Vietnamese companies currently export processed shrimp and uncooked shrimp products to Australia in adherence with international standards. Vietnam’s shrimp products are also allowed for import into many markets with high requirements on food hygiene and safety, such as Japan, the EU and the US.

“In the past, Australia only checked randomly five percent of batches of goods. However, 100 percent of batches of goods are subject to inspection from July 7, 2017. Therefore, companies have to ensure safe conditions when exporting shrimp and shrimp products to Australia,” Nguyen Hoang Thuy said.

In order to create favorable conditions for shrimp exports to Australia, Nguyen Hoang Thuy said the Vietnamese Trade Office in Australia will continue to seek better conditions for exporters. It will also work together with other ministries and agencies to speed up the review of Vietnamese shrimp farms to ensure they are free of white spot and yellow head disease.

Vietnamese companies should pay special attention to food safety in order to avoid risks in shrimp exports to Australia.

Phuong Lan