Vietnamese patents make imprints on international maps

06:00 | 22/05/2021 Information Technology

(VEN) - Protection of intellectual property (IP) by registering national and international patents is an important basis for enterprises to master core technologies, integrate into the global market and compete with international corporations.

Four patents protected exclusively in the US

The US protection of Vietnamese business patents is a bright spot in the country’s development.

For example, the Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation (VHT) has been granted four new international patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The first was its method of random data distribution in distributed multi-core processor systems of the OCS Research Center under VHT. Two additional patents were for a method of marine target detection in cluttered environments, applied in the coastal radar stations of the Radar Center under VHT and spring-support mechanism for parallel robots with constant power of the Simulation and Modeling Center under VHT.

vietnamese patents make imprints on international maps
Viettel engineers have mastered many core technologies

Most recently, a method of adjusting and controlling the receiver power adaptation according to the transmission environment in eNodeB LTE system of the Broadband Radio Equipment Research Center under VHT was granted exclusive protection in the US.

According to Nguyen Cuong Hoang, Deputy General Director of VHT, intellectual property protection is vital for organizations seeking to develop their own technologies or products and prevent competitors from copying them. In addition, Hoang emphasized that the process of patent recognition and protection is lengthy and can last as long as a decade. Patents and their protection reflect the capacity and strength of research units, Hoang added.

Affirming position in world technology race

Exclusive patents granted by the USPTO undergo the world’s most stringent scrutiny and evaluation. Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (IP Vietnam) Phan Ngan Son said that USPTO’s exclusive protection titles to Viettel’s inventions are a source of pride. This is particularly true given the highly competitive fields of intellectual property and telecommunications technology dominated by developed nations.

The registration of exclusive protection of inventions is the right direction for Vietnamese enterprises seeking to participate in the global supply chain and affirm their place in the largest science and technology market in the world - the US.

vietnamese patents make imprints on international maps

However, enterprises need government support in addition to their own efforts in order to achieve intellectual property protection. Son emphasized that IP Vietnam is prioritizing the improved capacity of intellectual property and innovation by research institutes and universities.

In addition, IP Vietnam will focus on implementing Decision 2205/QD-TTg approving the intellectual property development program to 2030 in order to contribute to making intellectual property an important tool that helps improve national competitiveness, and promote economic, cultural and social development, Son added.

Patents protected by the US are recognition of inventions and scientific research affirming Vietnam’s standing in the global marketplace alongside technology giants such as Huawei, LG, and Nokia.

Quynh Nga