Vietnamese manga work honoured at international manga award

16:15 | 13/02/2017 Society

Gateway to the Underworld, known as Dia nguc mon in Vietnamese, a manga work by the Vietnamese artist Can Tieu Hy, has won the Silver Award at the 10th Japan International Manga Award.

The cover of Gateway to the Underworld

The awards ceremony was held in Tokyo on February 6.

This is the second time that a Vietnamese manga work has been awarded this honour, after Holy Dragon Imperator (Long than tuong) created by a group of artists from Phong Duong Comics.

Gateway to the Underworld tells the story of a girl who suddenly finds herself in the underworld. With a sense of injustice, she is determined to find out about her death and seek a path back to life.

The work is Can Tieu Hy’s view about the law of cause and effect and the afterlife.

It is part of a series about different worlds from the one we are living in, namely the underworld and the fairy world, which the Vietnamese artist plans to work on in the future.

Machiko Satonaka, a Japanese manga artist and member of the jury, said Can Tieu Hy’s work offers a rich view of the world, helping readers to understand more about the meaning and value of life.

The 1990-born manga artist, whose real name is Phan Cao Ha My, said she was surprised when she first heard of the award and then felt proud of herself and the manga circles in Vietnam.

She said her winning the award would bolster the confidence of Vietnamese manga artists, noting that Vietnam has many competent artists and that the future of Vietnam’s manga industry is very promising.

This year, the Gold Award belongs to The Master of Arms, which was published in Belgium, while the Silver Award was also presented to Scavengers (China) and The Heart of Darkness (Belgium), in addition to Can Tieu Hy’s work.

The Japan International Manga Award has been given out annually since 2007 by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which seeks to honour manga artists who contribute to the promotion of manga outside Japan.

The 10th edition received 296 entries of artists from 55 countries and territories around the world. The jury presented one Gold Award, three Silver Awards and ten Bronze Awards.

Theo NDO