Vietnamese Lychees now selling in Australia

11:29 | 17/06/2015 Trade

(VEN) - Vietnamese lychees are now being exported to Australia. HE Mr. Hugh Borrowman, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, welcomed this exciting development for Vietnamese lychee growers.

Vietnamese Lychees now selling in Australia

Australian Ambassador (Middle) and Australian Embassy in Hanoi staff tasting new season's lychees

“I am very pleased that the Australian market is now open for Vietnamese Lychees. The first consignments arrived in Melbourne on Friday 12 June and will soon be in Australian shopping baskets,” the Ambassador said.

“It is terrific that Australian consumers will have the opportunity to try these delicious fruit during the 2015 season, I am sure that they will enjoy this high quality and flavoursome product - just like Vietnamese consumers enjoy eating Australian fruits such as table grapes, citrus and cherries” he said.

Vietnamese lychees being prepared for export to Australia

The Ambassador added that “the finalisation of the import conditions is the culmination of a great deal of work by the Vietnamese Plant Protection Department, Vietnamese industry and the Australian Department of Agriculture.”

“Vietnamese lychees will assist to grow market demand for the fruit in Australia as they are produced counter seasonally to Australian lychees”./.