Vietnamese, Japanese companies ink raw egg distribution deal

10:39 | 28/03/2019 Companies

Ba Huan Joint Stock Company and Japan’s Ise Foods Inc. on March 15 signed a cooperation deal on the production and distribution of fresh eggs.

A worker examines egg quality before packaging process - Photo: VNA

The Vietnamese poultry company will be responsible for the supply while Ise Foods Inc. will distribute the products at Japanese supermarkets and stores in Vietnam. Ba Huan must ensure that eggs meet Japan’s standards, following strict breeding and preservation process.

Under the deal, the Vietnamese company will supply about 10,000 eggs for Ise Foods Inc. to send to Japanese restaurants as well as major supermarkets and malls in the country.

Ba Huan CEO Pham Thi Huan said the cooperation with Japan’s Ise Foods Inc. is designed to deliver high-quality and safe products to consumers.

In addition, it demonstrates the company’s determination and efforts towards food safety and promoting Vietnamese brand in global markets.

Therefore, the partnership is hoped to stabilise production by the country’s farmers and foster sustainable agricultural development, she added.

A representative of Ise Food Inc. said it aims to launch development projects to distribute fresh eggs in many countries, particularly in Asia. Last year the Japanese company announced some projects in Vietnam.

Theo VNA