Vietnamese goods sales points prove efficient

13:38 | 07/01/2017 Society

(VEN) - Since the domestic market development project was kicked off pertaining to the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign two years ago, there have been 61 Vietnam goods sales points launched nationwide, far exceeding the initial expectation. This shows that consumers are increasingly interested in Vietnam goods.

Vietnamese goods sales points have attracted consumers

Increasing presence of Vietnamese goods

Early October, in Tuyen Quang Province, the third Vietnamese goods sales point was officially opened in Residential Area 7 in Na Hang Township, Na Hang District, which is located 120km from downtown Tuyen Quang City. The shop owner said that many people came to visit and purchase goods, mainly essential consumer goods such as milk, processed food and cosmetics, while a lot of distributors contacted for having their products showcased and sold at the store.

Launching Vietnam goods sales points themed “Be proud of Vietnamese goods” nationwide is the major objective of the domestic market development project from now to 2020.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade provides each Vietnamese goods sales point with a financial assistance worth VND40 million for building shelves and billboards. Apart from this assistance, businesses set aside funding for diversifying the range of commodities. They also negotiate with distributors to reduce intermediate costs and provide consumers with goods at better prices.

Nguyen Van Cham - owner of the Vietnamese goods sales point in Co Noi Township in Mai Son District, Son La Province said that before receiving the ministry’s assistance, the store prioritized distribution of Vietnamese goods because Vietnamese goods have attracted consumers in Son La. Since the store became a Vietnamese goods sales point, the rate of Vietnamese goods at the store has increased from 70 to 97 percent, while annual revenue has improved 15-20 percent.

Giving priority to remote, rural areas

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, provinces and cities have given priority to developing Vietnam goods sales points in remote, rural and mountainous areas, where living and other conditions remain difficult.

All of the three Vietnamese goods sales points in Tuyen Quang Province are in rural and mountainous areas. Tuyen Quang Province Department of Industry and Trade Deputy Director Loc Kim Lien said that the province gives priority to launching Vietnamese goods sales points in remote, rural areas because these regions have a high demand for Vietnamese goods with high quality and affordable prices. With the support of consumers, domestic businesses have been growing well, even in such segments as shampoo, facial cleanser, powdered milk and soft drinks that previously dominated by trans-national corporations.

In the coming time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will get businesses to open more Vietnamese goods sales points in different localities, including sales point funded by capital from non-state sources. The ministry will also assist businesses to advertise brands through the media, promote the annual program for Vietnamese goods promotion, and provide assistance for building databases and updating on information about Vietnamese goods distribution networks.

Lan Phuong