Vietnamese goods distribution networks developed

08:24 | 12/06/2015 Trade

(VEN) - The Buy Vietnamese Goods Campaign Steering Committee this year is to boost the development of distribution networks to help circulated good quality Vietnamese goods.

Vietnamese goods  distribution networks  developed

Vietnamese goods distribution networks will be further developed in the future

Vietnamese goods distribution chain in need

Purple onion and water melon farmers have had a hard time and have needed support from relevant authorities and charities nationwide to boost the consumption. This means that if consumers have been well informed about these products and related sales points, they may have bought more, reducing stocks while increasing incomes for farmers. The V+ Shopping Mall and Supermarket has recently opened a shopping center in the 1st floor of the Hoa Binh Green City apartment building. This is where consumers can find a variety of Vietnamese quality and reasonably priced goods. “I as well as many others often buy goods from this mart thanks to its convenience and reasonable prices,” said Duyen, a Hoa Binh Green City resident.

These stories show the current limitations of the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign, which has helped influence consumer shopping habits, but failed to develop an effective Vietnamese goods distribution chain to cater to consumer’s needs.

The underdeveloped state of distribution chains is really a question for the Buy Vietnamese Goods Campaign Steering Committee in the coming time, said Nguyen Van Hung, Deputy Head of the Central Commission for Mass Mobilization, at a recent meeting to deploy the campaign.

Due to a lack of an effective distribution chain, consumers, especially those who are living in remote and rural areas, may end up buying counterfeit products at traditional markets.

An effective Vietnamese goods distribution chain to be set up

As part of the project to develop the domestic market coupled with the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign to be implemented this year, an effective Vietnamese goods distribution chain will be set up, contributing to encouraging the production of Vietnamese quality goods.

According to the project, until 2020, about 100 Pride of Vietnamese Goods sales points will be piloted at traditional markets, supermarkets and shopping centers in remote and border areas. In addition, three Vietnamese goods warehouses in rural areas and five Pride of Vietnamese Goods link models will also be piloted.

 The project will focus on promoting market surveillance, product supply and demand development links, production and trading of potential goods.

President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and Head of the Buy Vietnamese Goods Campaign Steering Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan insisted that norms for Vietnamese goods should be developed for consumers to compare domestic products with foreign alternatives in terms of quality, price, durability and design before making a choice. In addition, Vietnamese goods producers should be encouraged with more incentives and policies.

Through applying these measures to develop Vietnamese goods production and consumption, Vietnamese goods could secure a firmer foothold in the domestic market./.

By Lan Phuong