Vietnamese goods carve out shelf space in foreign stores

09:00 | 17/09/2019 Trade

(VEN) - The MM Mega Market Vietnam Co., Ltd (MMVN) and CMM Marketing Management Pte Ltd Singapore (CMM Singapore) recently signed an agreement under which MMVN will export fresh vegetables, fruits and mushrooms to Singapore through CMM Singapore.

vietnamese goods carve out shelf space in foreign stores

Vietnamese goods at a NTUC FairPrice Group’s supermarket (Singapore)

New opportunities for Vietnamese goods

MMVN will implement its first fruit and vegetable export shipment to Singapore, including 20 tonnes of chilli, sweet potatoes and seedless lemon, in September. The company is expected to export about 100 tonnes of farm produce to this market in 2019.

Singapore is the second foreign importer of MMVN farm produce, after Thailand. The company exported dragon fruits and sweet potatoes to Thailand in early 2018 and has plans to double the export volume (to reach about 200 tonnes per month) to this market this year.

Vietnamese agricultural products are also exported through other companies including AEON, Lotte, Big C, and Saigon Co.op. After signing a cooperative agreement with NTUC FairPrice Singapore, Saigon Co.op annually exported grapefruit, sweet potatoes and dragon fruit worth almost US$2 million per year on average to Singapore, said Saigon Co.op Deputy General Director Nguyen Anh Duc. Saigon Co.op acquired 18 Auchan supermarkets in late June and is expected to sell Vietnamese goods to Auchan distribution networks overseas, Duc said.

In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and AEON Group signed a memorandum of understanding to increase the value of goods exported to Japan through AEON to US$500 million by 2020 and US$1 billion by 2025. In 2018 alone, Vietnam exported goods worth US$250 million to Japan through AEON. Apart from fresh foods, some Vietnamese fruits, including mango, have reached the shelves of AEON supermarkets.

Quality and market maintenance

MMVN General Director Phidsanu Pongwatana said exports must meet high quality and safety standards, and MMVN works closely with Vietnamese farmers to ensure product quality and increase exports.

Shibata Eiji, Vice President of AEON Group said Japan’s Tra fish imports from Vietnam increased from five tonnes in 2013 to 100 tonnes in 2018. Vietnam’s zippered suitcase, fashion products and foodstuff exports to Japan through AEON also increased sharply in recent years, he said.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will hold conferences, seminars and training courses to inform businesses of the

purchase criteria and standards of such giant foreign retailers as MM Mega Market, AEON, Big C, and Lotte.

Phuong Lan