Vietnamese garment factory personally gives back to the community

09:44 | 09/04/2021 Companies

Binh Xuyen District is at the epicenter of Vietnam’s northern industrial zone, leaving a significant part of the population at risk as they commute into the District for work. Vietnam Garments Manufacturing, Ltd. (VNG) has been taking the lead in mitigating these risks with AIP Foundation by delivering safety equipment and imparting road safety skills for over 400 students, teachers, and school administrators through the Helmets for Kids (HFK) program at Son Loi A Primary School.

Binh Xuyen, located in Vinh Phuc Province, connects four national highways, thus making it a popular “industrial zone” and where VNG happens to operate. While this makes it ideal for big businesses, it’s less ideal for young people who face barriers on their commute to school as they try and navigate safely using roads where vehicles traveling well past speed limits. VNG is on a mission to find sustainable solutions as they recognize the risks road users face.

vietnamese garment factory personally gives back to the community

“Private corporations have an important role to play in communities where they establish their businesses. Companies like VNG are exemplary in their corporate social responsibility efforts to pave the way for others to follow and we’re delighted to have staff volunteers participate in today’s event,” Mr. Greig Craft, Founder and President of AIP Foundation, says.

The Helmets for Kids program disseminates road safety knowledge and raises awareness among students, teachers, and parents in order to be better equipped and protected as road users. A key component of the HFK program is to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries by distributing high-quality helmets.

vietnamese garment factory personally gives back to the community

“We’re proud to lead the Helmets for Kids program with AIP Foundation for the past several years. We’ve been able to support families and communities by preparing the next generation of road users to be responsible leaders in road safety. We hope that the program will encourage not only primary school students, but also their parents and the community to do the same”, Mr. Kevin, Managing Director of VNG, shared.

Since its inception in 2018, nearly 1,400 students in Vinh Phuc Province received helmets to keep them safe going to and from school through the Helmets for Kids program.