Vietnamese films screened at CGV cinemas

15:12 | 31/05/2016 Society

Various Vietnamese films have been screened at CGV cinemas in the last week of May, aiming to promote the national film industry.

Vietnamese films screened at CGV cinemas

Taxi, What’s Your Name?) stars Trường Giang and Angela Phương Trinh — Photo

The films with English subtitles include Điệp vụ chân dài (High Heels’ Mission), Gái già lắm chiêu (The Last Egg), Lật mặt (Face off), Taxi, em tên gì? (Taxi, What’s Your Name?), Vòng eo 56 (Small Waist Size), Bao giờ có yêu nhau (When Will We Love), Nữ đại gia (Big Boss). The films range across all genres, from comedies to thrillers, so should cater to all tastes.

Dong Won-kwak, director of Việt Nam-based CJ Entertainment and Media Company, says the company always focuses on Vietnamese films in its development strategy. "We expect that this event will help promote the national film industry and encourage Vietnamese filmmakers to produce more work," he said.

Audiences can buy tickets at a special price of VNĐ50,000 per ticket or VNĐ120,000 for four tickets./.

Source: VNS