Vietnamese films screened at ASEAN film fest in Thailand

15:18 | 03/05/2017 Society

Two Vietnamese films namely “Thau Chin o Xiem” (Ho Chi Minh in Siam) and "Cha va con” (Father and Son) have been screened at the 2017 ASEAN Film Festival in Bangkok, Thailand.

A scene from the film "Thau Chin o Xiem" (Ho Chi Minh in Siam) - Source:

The 2017 edition of the festival, taking place from April 27 to May 1, is the biggest so far with 22 titles on the menu, including 10 in ASEAN Competition, nine in the showcase sidebar and three rare classic films.

While “Cha va con” competed at the event, “Thau chin o Xiem” was among films in the showcase sidebar. Directed by Bui Tuan Dung, the film features Communist hero Ho Chi Minh, who spent a few years in the northeast of Thailand on his revolutionary activities. It also looks at his journey from Bangkok to Udon Thani in 1927.

The film fest is among a series of events celebrating the 50th founding anniversary of ASEAN (August 8, 1967-2017). This is also the third year the Thai Ministry of Culture has hosted the event to honour film producers and outstanding movies from ASEAN member countries.

Theo VNA