Vietnamese company succeeds in developing lithium battery

11:18 | 26/03/2019 Society

Power Centric, a Vietnamese company based in the Saigon High-tech Park, has succeeded in developing a lithium battery technology called Mopo for use in electric bikes.

The Mopo battery is installed in Xyndi electric scooters - Photo: Cong Thuong

The battery is already installed in Xyndi electric scooters manufactured by Phu Sy International Trading Company.

With high performance and a small form factor, without exhaust, the Mopo lithium battery is used to replace the lead-acid battery traditionally used in electric bikes.

According to Power Centric, the Mopo battery can be removed for charging or connecting with an adapter to become a portable power generator for use with TV sets, fans, lamps and notebook PCs.

A mobile app has also been developed for the Mopo battery, helping users to know when to charge their device and easing the worry of the battery running out of power unexpectedly while on the road.

A Mopo battery charging station

Power Centric’s chief technology officer, Nguyen Vinh Quang, said the company is planning to build one thousand battery charging and replacement stations across the country to facilitate electric bike users.

The first stations will be installed in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in April where users will be able to fast-charge their battery or replace a new battery for immediate use. Users can use the mobile app to look for the nearest station.

Theo NDO