Vietnamese, Cambodian localities strengthen cooperation

08:21 | 15/05/2016 Cooperation

Vietnam’s Dong Thap province and Cambodia’s Pray Veng province on May 10th signed an agreement on cooperation for 2016 in different areas.

Vietnamese, Cambodian localities strengthen cooperation

Accordingly, the two localities will increase cooperation in exchanging information to ensure political security and social order in border areas; making favorable conditions and coordinating to protect the safety of demarcated landmarks, stabilising the whole border line.

In addition, the two sides will work together to help border residents facilitate agricultural production; continue to increase goods import and export as well as other trade and service activities, based on the trading agreement signed by the two Vietnamese and Cambodian Governments; and make the best conditions for people to go through each locality for study and medical treatment.

Chairman of the Dong Thap provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Duong affirmed that the cooperation agreement will help promote socio-economic development in each locality, especially in border areas, contributing to strengthening the solidarity between the two provinces.

In 2015, trade exchanges between Dong Thap and Pray Veng provinces were reported to take place in convenient conditions, contributing to raising the trade turnover through border areas between Dong Thap province with Cambodia to USD75 million.

The Vietnamese province provided over 30 million kWh of power for Pray Veng province, and held medical check-ups in which free medicine worth over VND350 million was provided for poor people.

In addition, Dong Thap province assisted 126 Cambodian students studying in the University of Dong Thap and the Dong Thap provincial Medical College, including 25 students receiving full scholarships earmarked from Dong Thap province’s budget.

The two side have regularly exchanged information to maintain political security and social order in border areas. So far they have completed border demarcation in all 10 locations./.


Source: dangcongsan