Vietnamese business gears up for Ambiente 2020 in Frankfurt

09:10 | 19/01/2020 Trade

(VEN) - As the world’s leading consumer goods fair, Ambiente has become an indispensable destination for Vietnamese businesses, providing opportunities to meet partners and study development trends.

vietnamese business gears up for ambiente 2020 in frankfurt

Catching up with development trends

Ambiente will be held in Frankfurt on February 7-11, with the participation of around 4,900 exhibitors from over 90 countries, including about 60 from Vietnam.

Past participation in Ambiente has provided opportunities for rural industrial facilities to maintain connections with customers and gain access to new ones, penetrate target markets, and catch up with development trends.

The value of signed contracts for Vietnamese businesses as a result of the annual fair has amounted to several tens of millions of dollars. Initial connections made at the fair often turn into long-term business relationships, contributing to exports of made-in-Vietnam handicrafts and consumer goods to the world market.

Vietnamese booths with high-quality products and impressive display have engaged the interest of visitors. Made-in-Vietnam goods have created its identity, giving wings to Vietnamese brands to shine at the fair.

vietnamese business gears up for ambiente 2020 in frankfurt

Vietnamese products that are preferred by German and other European buyers and consumers are interior decorations and handicrafts. Many Vietnamese businesses have gained an international reputation and large orders due to regular participation in Ambiente Frankfurt. These include Minh Long I Ceramics and Porcelainwares Co., Ltd., Doan Potter, Haca Vietnam, Duc Thanh Wood Processing Joint Stock Company, and Manh Dan Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Trusted destination

The world’s leading trade fair for consumer goods offers some exciting prospects. Exhibitors and trade visitors can make first-class contacts and discover the latest developments in the market and design, while experiencing trends and opportunities in all segments.

The last Ambiente gathered 4,460 exhibitors from 92 countries and territories, covering an area of 306,000sq.m. Starting in 2020, the fair’s dining area will be expanded to include food service industry exhibitors, hosting international display booths, with 80 percent of exhibitors from outside Germany. However, HoReCa, as it is known - short for “Hotels, Restaurants/Cafes” - will not be limited to Hall 6.0, and this market segment will continue to be strongly represented in other dining halls. Last year, HoReCa products were showcased by around 600 exhibitors at Ambiente.

In Frankfurt, buyers will have a unique opportunity to order products for their front-of-house operations, both from HoReCa and the lifestyle collections of Living and Giving exhibitors.

Another opportunity for visitors to network with one another will be the HoReCa Academy, which will be launched in 2020. International players from the industry will find this complementary program specially tailored to their needs, with interesting expert presentations, discussion panels and other industry events. Buyers, restaurateurs and designers will therefore have a perfect opportunity to learn about innovations and new ideas.

vietnamese business gears up for ambiente 2020 in frankfurt

Over the last few years, eight partner countries have successfully showcased themselves at Ambiente. From 2020, the world’s leading trade fair will run a special presentation called Focus on Design, featuring outstanding products and providing detailed insights into recent design highlights. Ambiente 2020 will start with a young designer that has been developing quite rapidly - Brazil.

Five different Brazilian design studios will showcase their creative output at Galleria 1. In addition, several young Brazilian designers will also be in the Talents areas, where they will present their unique handmade items and limited series.

The Ambiente complementary program will give visitors some special insights into consumer trends, technical innovations and the latest designs.

Ambiente 2020 will once again host numerous prestigious award ceremonies. The German Design Award will be presented on the first day of the trade fair. In addition, the Dineus award will be presented for the second time, honoring outstanding dining culture products and projects.

Nguyen Huong